Why Live Blackjack is Becoming More and More Popular

Just as there are stars in the field of sports and entertainment, blackjack has its own celebs. John Chang was the manager of the MIT Blackjack Team and the basis for the character Mickey Rosa in the movie 21. Ken Uston was a pioneer in formalizing blackjack strategy. They find a place in the Blackjack Hall of Fame. Then there were celebs from various fields, like Shannon Elizabeth and William Baldwin, who took part in the television show Celebrity Blackjack.

The blackjack celebs and celebs that play blackjack have inspired millions to play the game at online casinos.

Live is always best

Origins of Live Blackjack

Leading software providers introduced live blackjack to online casinos over a decade ago. The objective was to enable players to enjoy the game in a more realistic environment. However, live blackjack initially did not pick up as expected. Two main reasons contributed to players staying away.

  • There was usually only one no-frills version of live blackjack on offer as compared to the many innovative variants available in the RNG games portfolio.
  • Unless you had the fastest Internet connection and the latest desktops, the video tended to freeze thereby disturbing the continuity.

Continuous improvements in software, hardware and communication technologies have not only eliminated the initial drawbacks, but have also allowed for greater realism and innovation in the live blackjack products. The net result is that live blackjack has become increasingly more popular. Your live blackjack play will be even better if you can find a usable bonus.

Technological Advances

High Speed Internet

The penetration of high speed Internet in most regions of the world removed the biggest stumbling block to the development of live blackjack. Players could video stream live casino games without stoppage or jerks.

Hardware Technology

Even the low end desktops and laptops now have the capability to process data at high speed. Players do not have to go for the costlier models in order to play live blackjack. In the last few years even the simplest smartphones are able to handle live video streaming. Players can access live casinos on mobile devices and this has given a big boost to live dealer blackjack.

Casino Studios

Advancement in the above technologies allowed live blackjack software providers to make their products more elaborate. In the earliest games there would be a single camera for the entire blackjack table in the studio. Now game developers have multiple cameras at different angles. They can zoom in when the dealer is distributing the cards. Different angles for different players are possible as in a real casino setting. With the possibility of high speed data transfer the videos are now streamed in HD formats.

The net effect is more realistic settings leading to more immersive experiences and increasing popularity of live blackjack.

Add-on Features

There were features of playing blackjack in land casinos that could not be integrated into the RNG online games. But these have been introduced in live blackjack games, because the live dealer games actually emanate from real tables in studio casinos.

Chat Facility

All live blackjack games allow players to chat with the dealer. This makes the experience more interactive and helps players pass time in an interesting manner when others are playing their hands.

Bet Behind

If there is no seat at the table then you can “bet behind”. You bet alongside a seated player, who plays his cards. The outcome of your bet depends on the outcome of the player’s bet. This keeps players in the online casino even if the tables are full. Betting behind also helps new players learn the ropes of playing live blackjack.

VIP Tables

In land casinos there are special blackjack tables for punters wanting to place large bets. There are even separate rooms for the very high rollers. Live blackjack lobbies in online casinos similarly have a number of tables that are segregated according to minimum bet limits. There are also tables reserved for VIP players of the online casino.

Innovative Live Blackjack Games

Software providers have developed innovative blackjack games for live casinos. These offer some more action than the standard blackjack variants that you play in land casinos. Infusion of such games from time to time keeps interest alive in live dealer blackjack.

Blackjack Party

Blackjack Party is a live casino game from the Evolution blackjack portfolio. The dealer is accompanied by a host or hostess that chats with the players and sets a party mood. It is great to play as a group of friends and includes peppy background music and a few innovative side bets.

Common Draw Blackjack

This live blackjack game is from NetEnt. You can have hundreds of players playing, in multiple currencies, at any time.

Live Dealers

The essence of live blackjack casinos is that the cards are dealt by humans and not invisible automated software. There have been several developments in this concept that have increased the popularity of live blackjack.

Native Language Live Dealers

The world is a Tower of Babel with diverse languages. When interacting in a foreign language many people are distinctly uncomfortable. In order to increase the acceptance of live dealer blackjack in different countries, online casinos introduced dealers speaking native languages. Many of the leading live blackjack providers offer tables with dealers speaking German, French, Swedish and other languages. The different accents in English in different parts of the world are taken care of in this manner.

Live Dealer Schedules

Over time a player may develop an affinity for a certain dealer. The player may enjoy the conversation with that dealer or feel that the dealer is lucky for them. To facilitate players logging in when their favourite blackjack dealers are live, online casinos post schedules of their dealers giving times and tables. This user friendly move has helped in popularising live blackjack.

Live Blackjack Software Providers

For the best live blackjack games look for online casinos powered by the following software providers.

  • Evolution
  • NetEnt
  • Playtech
  • Ezugi
  • Asia Gaming

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