Why Monbebes Love Monsta X?

Recently, CelebMix got a chance to interact with Monsta X, a popular K-Pop band. Comprising of 7 boys, Monsta X debuted in the year 2015 but their indisputable reputation amongst fans make them seem like a group that has been thriving in the music scene since ages.

Monsta X have been slowly and steadily garnering attention in the western music industry. They recently met with The Chainsmokers at Ultra Festival Korea and were on their second tour in London. Throughout their journey as a group, they have been able to build and sustain their bond with artists and fans alike. We got a glimpse of it during one of our Twitter conversations.

Before we released our interview, we asked Monbebes (Monsta X Fandom) to share some reasons behind their admiration for the group. These loyal fans took their time to share the kind of place each member hold in their hearts and today, we will be sharing some of the best answers we received on Twitter:

Hard Working and Compassionate Beings

Their Brotherhood is Worth Rooting For!

They’re Perfect. That’s the Tweet.

They’re Walking Memes

They Don’t Take Their Success for Granted

They are an Experience in Themselves

A Detailed Appreciation Post

And The Praise Continues…

A few things that we found common in most of the comments were the appreciation for the natural charm of the boys that almost instantly draws attention, their hardworking nature and their compassion for their fans. In the interview shared earlier on the website, Monsta X took every provided and unprovided opportunity to show their love and pay their gratitude to their fans. No wonder why they have been garnering attention globally.

The bond between the group and the Monbebes is quite interesting and the answers just go on to show the impact Monsta X have on their admirers.

It’s a common belief that people might not remember the work you did but they will definitely remember how you made them feel. It seems Monsta X is working quite hard to create a comfortable space for themselves and their fans.

You can check out the complete thread here.

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