CelebMix Exclusive: Monsta X talk about music, “The Connect”, their love for Monbebes and much more

Monsta X is a group of seven phenomenally talented boys who are slowly taking over the scene with their music. Comprising of Shownu (the leader), Wonho, Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Jooheon, and I.M., Monsta X debuted on 14th May, 2015 after surviving as the winners of “No Mercy”, a survival show launched by Starship Entertainment.

In the last three years, the group has grown a lot musically. The powerful vibe of Trespass that became a determiner for the group’s prowess has managed to find its way in all their tracks. But the level of admiration and curiousity has just increased with each passing album.

But it is not just their aura as artists which draws people towards them but also their personal traits. Monbebes, a name given by the group to their fandom, stan the boys because of their humility and their drive to prioritise kindness and love. The boys too, make sure to pay gratitude to their fans, as and when they a chance to showcase it.

(One of the Monbebes shared why she loves Monsta X)

This is one of the reasons why the group has managed to find their fanbase both within and outside of their home country. Within just three years, the kind of influence that Monsta X has, is both unexpected and quite commendable.

Also, the boys are a funny bunch who love to share a laugh with each other and with people around them.

CelebMix talked to the boys ahead of their London show and discussed their journey as artists, their love for Monbebes and much more. Check out the complete interview below:

Hi Monsta X! How are you guys doing?

Shownu: We recently finished our Seoul concert and had an amazing time with Monbebe.

Wonho: We just began our 2018 World Tour, started from Seoul, and have been enjoying every moment with Monbebe so far.

Minhyuk: I’m finding my happiness

Kihyun: Doing very well since we began our World Tour!

Hyungwon: We’re working hard on our World Tour, which just started from Korea.

Jooheon: So good!!

I.M: Busy but happy!

Congratulations on completing 3 years as a group! How do you guys feel about it?

Shownu: Time really flies, and it makes me want to work even harder.

Wonho: Time went by so fast for the past 3 years and I would like to spend our remaining time more wisely.

Minhyuk: Rather than focusing on the number of years, I would like to celebrate our precious anniversary with Monbebe.

Kihyun: It’s just the beginning for Monsta X!

Hyungwon: As time went by so fast, I still can’t believe that it has been 3 years.

Jooheon: I feel so happy, I feel great!!

I.M: Time went by too fast and I just always feel thankful

Before debuting as a solo artist or as a group, each individual has to go through his/her fair share of struggle. As individuals as well as a group, how has been your journey so far?

Shownu: We worked so hard. I am also very proud of our meaningful 3 years we spent together.

Wonho: Having such a busy schedule and always working on songs has been our struggle. However, every moment spent with our fans is incomparable to any other.

Minhyuk: It seems like the struggles we had before our debut were not a big deal, compared to what we have now.

Kihyun: We worked so hard until this moment, but we still have a long journey ahead!

Hyungwon: Every day and every new album has been a challenge. However, I feel a sense of satisfaction when I see our fans appreciating that.

Jooheon: I’m proud of our journey and also feel kind of bittersweet!

I.M: We did a good job, but not yet to say perfect.

Which moments would you guys consider to be the highlight / most memorable of your journey?

Shownu: Our debut performance with all the members was the most memorable.

Wonho: When we debuted, when we won the award, during our survival show and even yesterday..Every moment is so special and precious.

Minhyuk: Our debut performance on the music broadcast stage.

Kihyun: It would be the time when we made our debut together!

Hyungwon: We’ve been through a lot, but our concerts have been the most memorable moments.

Jooheon: It would be our concerts.

I.M: The first world tour we went on.

What kind of changes have you guys seen in yourself as Individuals / artists and / a group?

Shownu: I think my personality changed a little as our fan base grew.

Wonho: I work even harder now, and also my workload on songs has increased.

Minhyuk: My mindset and personality.

Kihyun: My singing got better! Not only did I work hard for it, but I also got more confident! As well as the other members!

Hyungwon: I feel like I learned how to express myself better.

Jooheon: My musical approach has changed a lot.

I.M: Living this singer life has made my life more deep.

Shownu: In a competitive space like K-Pop, it is not just difficult to stand out but it is also quite tough to maintain a level of authenticity and affection which you have been able to successfully maintain. Over the period of three years, what kind of challenges have you faced as a leader and how have you overcome them?

Shownu: We came this far not because I was a leader, but because our members were so cooperative and helpful. For every challenge we faced during our time working on new albums, we try to overcome our fears together. Also, we discuss a lot to help each other and to enhance our teamwork as well.

We believe that each and every artist has her/his perception of art. We would like to know how each of you perceives your art?

Shownu: Let’s get better.

Wonho: Making songs that enable us to highlight our performance as one team, and communicate with us while listening.

Minhyuk: Music that is easy to relate to and able to share our feelings.

Kihyun: Making authentic music.

Hyungwon: I would like to have my own aura, would like to express my distinguished energy on stages.

Jooheon: I like being authentic with my music. I try to convey my stories and my feelings just the way they are.

I.M: Music is a mirror to me, a reflection of me being real.

Your sixth extended play “The Connect Déjà vu” was released recently. Please tell us a bit about the album.

Shownu: We worked so hard for this album to make sure every track is good enough to be a title track.

Wonho: This is the album that exactly describes our energy and finalizes our worldviews.

Minhyuk: Every song of this album is impressive. Especially, the song ‘Destroyer’ finalizes the story as well as being an extension to ‘Dramarama’. The song ‘Jealousy’ describes our unique energy and power. After going through a lot of trial and error, I think this album is the one that we all anticipated the most.

Kihyun: An album that has 7 title tracks.

Hyungwon: You’ll get to experience a variety of feelings as each of the 7 tracks have a different feel ranging from being energetic to sweet.

Jooheon: As you will notice when you listen to it, we really challenged ourselves for this album. Also, the 7th track ‘Special,’ was actually written before our debut with my intention to write something very powerful. After lots of revisions, this track made it to this album, and this reminds me of our debut track, ‘Trespass’.

I.M: 3 Letters L-I-T

There are quite a handful of references towards “time” which seems to continue from Dramarama.  Is “The Connect: Déjà vu” anyway related to the previously released albums?

Shownu: It naturally continues from our previously released albums and it got more mature.

Wonho: When I wrote ‘From Zero’ I used “time” as a reference. Also, the track ‘If Only’ of our new album has elements of “time” which focuses on the past, present and the future. So please check it out.

Minhyuk: It’d be better for you to watch our music videos and music films  to get the visual experience, rather than me explaining in words.

Kihyun: I think I can say, that we are connected aside from time.

Hyungwon: I think for those who came to our concerts probably understood what we tried to say. I want you to know that we are all connected as one within the keyword: Time.

Which songs off the album, are your favorite and why?

Shownu: “Jealousy,” as it is our title track and we practiced it the most.

Wonho: “If Only.” I worked hard and felt satisfied when writing this song. I also divided the parts for our members.

Minhyuk: “Fallin’” – It’s fun and we can all have fun with Monbebe

Kihyun: “Fallin’”! It’s fun!

Hyungwon: It would be our title track, “Jealousy.” I think we tried hard to convey our matureness and deeper vibe into this performance.

Jooheon: “Special” for me. I am very attached to this song as I wrote it even before our debut.


There has been an evolution in terms of sound, music and concepts since Trespass.In what terms do you think your music has developed since your first EP?

Shownu: We matured musically and tried many different genres.

Wonho: By pursuing music that is powerful and hip, we were able to expand our musical spectrum.

Minhyuk: Our music matured.

Kihyun: A variety of genres we cover has developed more, and dynamics.

Hyungwon: Musically and performance-wise, there has been more of a mature vibe and our members got sexier.

Jooheon: The genres we cover got wider.

I.M:  Wider range of genre & more confidence.

What part of the creative process (writing/composing/concept photoshoot or any other) do you guys like to get most involved in?

Shownu: I participate a little in choreography.


Wonho: I mainly get involved in composing & writing lyrics and also take a small part in choreography, our concept and styling. I also like to contribute by taking photos and videos as it is my hobby.

Minhyuk: I personally paid lots of attention to our concept and hairstyle.

Kihyun: I put the most effort into our vocals and choruses.

Hyungwon: I think we focus the most on the performance part.

Jooheon: Probably rap-making?

I.M:  Writing / composing / making our concept.

You have a passionate fandom. Now, you get to meet monbebe within and out of South Korea.Do you have any memorable interactions with a fan which you would like to share with us?

Shownu: Every time we perform, I always remember our fans.

Wonho: During our world tour when we communicate with fans all over the world.

Minhyuk: Our first world tour, and our first concert in Korea.

Kihyun: I think it’s always the end of our concerts and the look in our fans eyes.

Hyungwon: When our fans watch us perform with love.

Jooheon: When we won the music show! Fans were watching us and it was so moving.

I.M : Every place / Country was memorable to me.

We have some quick questions for you. We would like each member to answer them:

Artist you look up to and why

Shownu: I look up to all the senior singers and respect them so much.

Wonho: Our members. I am always so proud of our members. Also Kim Seong-jae.

Minhyuk: J.Cole. He is the king of hip hop. Words can’t express how great his music is.

Kihyun: James Bay. He delivers emotion so well it moves me.

Hyungwon: I like John Legend the most. His voice is very comfortable to listen to and also I practiced with his songs when I started as a trainee.

Jooheon: Michael Jackson. As you all know, the word ‘legend’ suits him so well.

I.M: There’s no artist that I look up to, but there are some who I love. Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone, THEY., and myself.

A goal that you wish to accomplish apart from creating music

Shownu: For now, focusing on Monsta X is the most important for me. I don’t think I’ve thought about any goals aside from that for right now.

Wonho: As an artist, I would like to share my feeling by creating some art piece with the pictures and videos I’ve taken. I also want to make my body fit and keep working out.

Minhyuk: I’d like to own a building.

Kihyun: I like taking pictures, so I’d like to hold photo exhibitions consistently.

Hyungwon: For now, our team and our music come first to me and that is the only thing I have on my mind.

Jooheon: I’d just like to travel with good people.

I.M: Um…take a trip alone!!

Artist you would like to collaborate with

Shownu: I actually haven’t thought about it yet and would need some time to think.

Wonho: I would like to collaborate with my friend & our member Shownu. I’d like to show our synergy together to Monbebe.

Minhyuk: IU.

Kihyun: James Bay and Imagine Dragons.

Hyungwon: Charlie Puth.

Jooheon: I would like to collaborate with French artist, ‘Fefe’.

I.M: Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone, Xavier Omar, and I am doing some work with ELHAE right now.

One place you’d like to visit in the near future

Shownu: Guam, Hawaii (I think it’s going to take some time to visit.)

Wonho: All over the world!

Minhyuk: Canada.

Kihyun: I’ve never visited Canada, so would like to visit some time!

Hyungwon: I would like to visit my home in Gwangju.

Jooheon: Somewhere that I can meet lots of monbebe!!

I.M: My holiday place.

Things you like to do when you are not working or promoting your music

Shownu: I would like to try wakeboarding.

Wonho: Excluding working on music and workout, as it is in my regular schedule, I would like to surf and take pictures and videos of beautiful places.

Minhyuk: I would like to travel overseas.

Kihyun: I’d like to get a massage as my muscle feels tight because of practicing!

Hyungwon: I would like to go for a walk while listening to some songs. I like walking.

Jooheon: Traveling overseas.

I.M: Music work, sleep, watching movie, just relaxing.

A message for a fans who have recently joined the fandom

Shownu: Welcome! Let’s be well together.

Wonho: Please stay happy, and I hope you have only joyous memories with us.

Minhyuk: I’ll always be there for you.

Kihyun: Once you fall for our charms, you can never escape!

Hyungwon: I hope you stay with us for a long long time as we have 7 charming members. The more you know, the more you’ll like us!!

Jooheon: I hope your days become more brighter with us!

I.M: Welcome to heaven.

A message for fans who have been supporting you since your debut

Shownu: We will always repay you back by showing you our best sides.

Wonho: I love you so much and let’s have a great time as we grow together.

Minhyuk: Thank you for always being by my side.

Hyungwon: I would like to say thank you so much for all your support and we will repay you back with our performances!

Jooheon: Monbebe, you are my driving force! I’ll always be singing for you. Thank you so much for your support.

I.M: Wherever u are, whoever u are: I love u more than u love me.

We read that you will be performing in London in June. Are you guys excited? Would you like to share with us, your plans for the event or something that your fans should look forward to?

Shownu: We will show you our wonderful, fun, sexy and cute performances.

Wonho: Thank you for waiting another year for us. You’ve waited so long and we will repay you for your patience with our performance! We will try to visit you guys more often. – To my loving, supportive, and proud fans

Minhyuk: Let us unite soon!!

Kihyun: We’re always so thankful and please just wait a little bit longer!! Please look forward to it!!

Hyungwon: When we performed in London last time, you welcomed us with such excitement, so I’m really excited to perform in London again. As it is our concert this time, we’re going to show you our new sides and variety of performances, so please look forward to it.

Jooheon: Are you all ready to have fun? That’s all we need from you.

I.M: We’ll show what a show is.

The group recently released their album and have garnered a positive response from the fans. Monbebes will get a chance to see Monsta X live as the group will be performing in London soon. Their Seoul show was a huge success and the same can be expected from their upcoming shows.

Are you excited to see them live? What’s your favourite song, off their new album? Share your thoughts via tweet @CelebMix.

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