Why more celebrities are opting for veneers

It’s a rare sight to see a celebrity walk on a red carpet without perfect white teeth – if they didn’t have them when they entered the spotlight, they can be sure they will have them fixed soon thereafter. Nowadays, consumers are following suit, and we see more and more everyday people with perfect teeth – but how do they get them, and what can we learn from our favorite celebrities? The truth is that every case is different, but more and more are turning to veneers to achieve that A-list smile without having to break the bank. Here’s why.

A natural appearance

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of opting for veneers, and why so many celebrities have done so, is that they offer a natural-looking appearance. Let’s face it: if you overnight went from having an average smile to one that’s uber-white and synthetic looking, people might raise eyebrows. Veneers, on the other hand, can be shaped and colored to an appearance that looks natural and fits in with your overall face and personality. We all want pearly whites but importantly, we want to look beautiful and natural – not like something out of a meme!

Gums tolerate veneers well

Another reason why veneers are more popular than some other options is that the gums can tolerate them well, meaning it’s unlikely you’ll run into any major dental problems when having them. Celebrities are known for their quick, dramatic transformations, and so they need to opt for procedures and services that won’t cause long-lasting damage or short-term side effects. Veneers can even be removed in rare cases, though they shouldn’t need to be.

They’re stain-resistant

In an effort to achieve perfect teeth, some people turn to products like Invisalign as an alternative to metal braces, and although they can work well in some cases, this comparison  from Smile Prep has shown why veneers are more often the best option for individuals looking to transform their smile quickly. Another big benefit of veneers over braces is that they’re stain-resistant – you can enjoy as much wine and coffee as you like and, as long as you take good care of them, don’t have to worry about them staining in the same way your natural teeth would, which is another reason why celebrities’ teeth always look good. Sure, they can down a bottle of whisky and smoke 20 cigarettes a day, but their teeth will still look as white and shiny as the day they got them.

Less dental work required

As we’ve already touched upon, modern celebrities want to look their best without having to put in too much work or make too many sacrifices. Veneers are a great option in that respect as they don’t require as much shaping as crowns do, and they are stronger and look much better. Of course, experts still recommend that you practice good oral hygiene, regularly brushing your teeth, flossing, whitening, and avoiding grinding or clenching your teeth. It’s also a good idea to chew wisely and visit your dentist regularly for health check-ups yearly.

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Written by Monella