Why Tristan Evans is your Perfect Valentine

Let’s talk Tristan Evans – most commonly known as The Vamps drummer, but to us,  the understated hero within the band. With his extraordinary rapping skills, extremely photogenic face, and his normal attitude towards meeting celebrities (freaking out) here’re our top five reasons we want him to be our Valentine this year!

5. His passion and his heart

Let’s face it, drummers are probably the coolest member of any band. They have the best instrument set up, don’t need multiple instrument changes throughout the show, AND still manage to steal the attention with unique kits. We’ve been absolutely hooked since the Meet The Vamps tour drum solo flaunting the jaw-dropping skills this guy has with his sticks. You can just tell he loves absolutely every moment on that stage and if he was our valentine maybe, just maybe we’d mean as much to him as his drum skills do!

4. He’s really photogenic

We don’t mean to be superficial here but have you seen him?! Whether it’s from behind the drumkit or when Dean Sherwood (the band’s photographer) is making him doing a quick photoshoot – Tristan always looks immaculate. We’d really love to know the tricks on how to look flawless in tricky lighting, quick shot selfies and on sweaty stage performing to thousands (we wish the last one was something we experience).

3. He’s down to earth

Meeting celebrities has become a regular occurrence for these guys, but that doesn’t stop Tristian wanting selfies with them all or having a little freak out moment. For that it’s clear, he’s just like you and me when it comes to our favourite bands. Let’s think back to the meeting Gordon Ramsay, Tris did exactly what we would do and jump right in there for a selfie even referring to the man himself as a legend. Don’t even get us started on when they toured with Taylor Swift and by the end he was referring to her as his bestie, we’d do exactly the same. With Tristan as our Valentine, we’d not have to worry about having a little freakout moment as he’d hopefully have one too since he’d be in the company of another celebrity (us, duh!). 

2. He can rap like a pro

A skill which has only recently come to light is the rapping which Tristan has failed to show us until now. On their current world tour, he’s taken over Silento’s role in Volcano and absolutely NAILED it. Now we admit we’re not rappers, we’d love to say we could be but even after far too many drinks that skill isn’t something we can even pretend to possess. We’re always looking to expand our skills and with Tristan right by our side, we could be the best new rapping duo of 2016.

 1. His friendship with Brad

 Affectionately known as Tradley within the fanbase, Tristan and Brad have a friendship we’re really envious of. The internet has been bombarded with photos of the pair just hanging out and sharing the bro love through a lot of hugs. It’s nice to see that their friendship is one they want the world to know about, you just can’t help but smile upon seeing them causing chaos backstage at shows or on the red carpets of events. If Tristan would be the perfect valentine, but you might just have to get past Brad to become his number one friend!

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Written by Nicola Craig

Lover of all things pop, a boyband or two, and discovering new artists to get hooked on. You'll usually find me at a gig, truly living my best life without a care in the world.

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