Why We Love The Tide

We asked on Twitter why you love The Tide! Here are what the fans had to say about these incredibly talented boys in the form of a small list that has been put together!


Their selfies

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Who doesn’t love a good selfie? Especially from these lovely lads, give them a follow on Instagram @TheTide, selfies will occasionally (often) pop up!


The positive messages they send out

Austin has tweeted many lovely tweets such as this that will make fans happy and feel better about themselves, he sure does care. They set morally good examples for the fans, this shows what type of people they are.

It is very honorable of Austin to tweet things such as this. This brings a positive message of individuality which is important, the talk of growth is also important, Austin often tweets items such as this, a way of reaching his fans, a way of spreading his message, what he feels. A way of telling his fans to be themselves, which is a great message to spread!


How appreciative they are of their fans!

Tweets such as this have been around from these lads many, many times! It just shows how much they truly appreciate their fans and all the support they receive.

It is important that artists let their fans know they are appreciated, The Tide often do this, they convey the message very well and deserve every ounce of support they are receiving.
The energetic live performances

Here, we can see just how much energy they put in to a single performance! They give it their all! This is clearly one of their ways of giving back to the fans and showing their appreciation.

They are doing what they love!


The covers

Again, the pure array of talent is present. They offer up covers for fans as often as they can! This is often a treat as they do it without notice!


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It seems that the fans clearly adore these incredible boys! They are kind and care about their fans, it is very clear that they appreciate their fans and in return their fans show so much love back! The way they interact with fans is also very important, showing how appreciative they are of the support they are getting!

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Written by CelebMix