Xav A. releases the music video for the single “Old Milk”

A few months ago, CelebMix got the chance to interview Xav A., an R&B artist who had released his single “All In”. Sunny and upbeat, the track talked about “affection” and carried positive vibes. His new song “Old Milk” also follows the theme of love but unlike “All In”, it talks about the aspects of a relationship preceding the breakup that people don’t pay attention to.

He stated “I was watching a lot of reality TV where I saw women staying in relationships where they knew the man was doing them wrong. I thought to myself, why do men not encourage their women to leave when they know they’re doing something wrong? This song sort of explores the idea of telling a woman that the man she is with is no good for her. Women deserve that from us I feel.”

Even though Xav talks about a man’s confession in the song for being unfaithful, he also includes the female perspective too. The last verse sheds light on the woman’s realization for the time and effort she had wasted on someone else.


During the interview, we asked Xav to share his musical vision, in response to which, he said,

“I perceive my art as just shedding all the layers of myself and showing my heart to the world. I hope the audience really catches all the layers. A lot of my songs are upbeat and feel humorous, but if you really sit with them you’ll find a second layer to connect with too that I hope touches the heart in some way.”

“Old Milk” on surface sound like a bop. The upbeat music, accompanied by Xav’s moves in the music video, is enough to make the listener groove to the track but one needs to sit down and pay attention to the lyrics to understand the deep meaning behind Xav’s words. The singer-songwriter uses the method of “irony” to his benefit as he successfully captivates the listeners’ attention. While both “All In” and “Old Milk” talk about two different aspects of love, both songs are connected by the unique presentation technique of the singer.

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