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Exclusive: Interview with Xav A.

Xav A. is the R&B singer-songwriter and producer who aims to bring back the fun side of the genre. He first garnered attention when he won the second place in NBC’s hit show “The Sing Off”. After performing a rendition of R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)” on the show, Xav A. began to harness his artistry as a soloist and strives to revive the more playful side of R&B that was present previously in artists like Will Smith and MC Hammer.

Recently, the singer has released his summer acoustic “All In” that talks love. Talking about the single, Xav A. said,

“All In is such a bright and sunny song–that is why I wanted to make sure I added Summer Song to the title. Just the vibe makes me want to grab ice cream and ride around in a convertible.”

CelebMix talked to the singer about the new single and his future projects. Check out the complete interview below:

It’s been almost seven years since you began your musical journey. How has it been so far?

My journey has been interesting. I feel like every step, I find out that the only obstacle is being afraid of how others perceive me. Every year that sheds more and more, and honestly the more fearless I get, the more people love my art.

When did you first realize that you wanted to become a singer?

I knew I wanted to be a singer so, so early on. My mom would always play Tina Turner, Seal, Whitney Houston and Mariah around the house and I practiced trying to sing like them. And I’d watch music videos and wish I was in them, watching them over and over until I memorized all the scenes and moves.

How do your perceive your art and how do you wish the audience to perceive it when they listen to your songs?

I perceive my art as just shedding all the layers of myself and showing my heart to the world. I hope the audience really catches all the layers. A lot of my songs are upbeat and feel humorous, but if you really sit with them you’ll find a second layer to connect with too that I hope touches the heart in some way.

We read that while you have been working on yourself as a soloist, you are also trying to “revive” the playful side of R&B Soul. Please tell us a bit about it.

I think there’s a playfulness that has been lost in R&B music specifically and I’m looking to fill that void. I think Bruno Mars really dug deep into the area that I see for myself with his 24K Magic album, but even that record is a blip in a sea of music that feels a little bit more heavy. I sort of hope that people sort of start to think of my name when they think of like early Will Smith or MC Hammer music.

Your epic win at “The Sing Off!” showcased people your talent as a singer and a performer. But since the show, how do you see your evolution as an artist?

Well, we got second place as a group which felt really awesome. I think the show is where I truly realized that what I desired for my career was more than just singing. I wanted to have a say in the clothes, the choreo, the arrangements, everything. So after the show is when I decided to really take a look at myself and find out what my brand is.

Congratulations on “All In”. Please tell our readers a bit about the single.

Thank you! The single supposed to be a sonic version of staring into your partner’s eyes and saying to yourself, “This is the person I’m meant to be with forever.” I hope it makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside for sure.

How has been the response so far?

The response has been more than I ever dreamed of! I think there’s something about just having vocals and a guitar that makes people relate to it across musical preferences.

In terms of music and sound, the song is quite uplifting. Would you like to share with us the creative process that went behind creating the single?

Yes! With a lot of my songs lately I have been focusing on what I want the end product to be. With this one, I asked myself “If there was a song on the radio that would stand out among everything else and just talk about true love, what would it sound like?” And them my mind answers me with lyrics. It almost feels like magic in my head.

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

I absolutely would love to share my future projects! There will be some 80s sounds coming soon and possibly another acoustic track too. I still have to decide!

Lastly, do you have any message that you’d like to share with your fans?

My message for my fans is to make sure to be yourself, unabashedly. Not only because it will make you feel free, but you never know who around you is one step away from becoming who they need to be and might be able to unlock a better part of themselves just by seeing your light. Inspire!!

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