XHOANA X unleashes her devilish new offering “Deepest Pleasure”

XHOANA X is the ultimate multi-talented force. Not only a soulful singer, but she is also an actress, influencer and model. All these different skills have allowed her to craft the perfect aesthetic to fit her devious, dark pop persona. Her sultry new single “Deepest Pleasure” highlights intense soundscapes of pumping basslines and lush, velvety vocals coming together to concoct a highly hypnotic release.

The offering is a tale of twisted seduction detailing an erotic kind of painful pleasure. Evocatively singing, “So open wide stay here while I want you, the deepest pleasure it will be to cut you,” you can feel the calculated, callousness oozing from her lips.

XHOANA X reveals, “It started as ‘a mood song’ for when you’re feeling like you’re ‘That Bitch’ and exuding that confidence that says I’m feelin’ myself, don’t fuck with me, cuz I’m not asking for your opinion. It’s like a ‘Harley Quinn’ character type song. As bad as you want to be, and owning it! Playful, petty, in your face and a lil bit psycho. The whole EP has a Villain concept so this fits. While I was writing there was a bunch of serial killer mags in the studio.”

Albanian born Los Angeles based, XHOANA X’s mesmerizing music is influenced by her Eastern European heritage. Fusing liberty and revolt into her unique artistic style, the eccentricity of her culture shines through in every song. She is deeply inspired by bands such as Massive Attack and Portishead and listeners are lured in by her magical, mysticism. With the haunting warmth of Lana Del Rey and fiery magnetism of Miley Cyrus, you feel the push and pull as she sucks you into a sinister world. Sung with so much sensuality, hard-hitting lines like “I’ll fucking kill you bitch”, make this enticing single a true musical gem.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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