Youngest A&R In the Game Giovanni Adriano Known as Gioisofficial

He may not be the “best” rap A&R man of all time. But “Giovanni Adriano” is undoubtedly the youngest. Gio did not sign Kevin Gates, MO3—who became his first industry calling cards. But he inherited them and imparted to them his inimitable style.

It’s incontestably in Gio’s eternal credit that he championed many artist known as, LilTjay, Polo G, MoneybaggYo, Lil Yachty, and more. He is currently working with many underground artist as he speaks with labels and networks with managements. Let’s see who he has in store for us next.

Giovanni launched his own co- label in 2019 named (CEO RECORDS) with one of his 2 closest friends. According to HipHop sources the label is long passed on and ran by someone else. He repeated and reaffirmed his R&B diva credentials with the new hiphop gen (2020).

But it’s not surprising, given Gio’s lifetime M.O. of self-promotion, that his greatest and most enduring career has been his own, as recording artist, professional A&R, clothier, and hustler. Despite Giovanni’s age he has made a huge impact in his career and starting young always motivates others.

Not much information Is said about Giovanni but he states his opinion on a “On the Porch” Interview… “Still, I like to think I’ve made enough mistakes to have a real reverence for the A&R people in hip-hop who had the right instincts and really did it big.

 I’ve certainly thought a lot about why they were good at their job: an intuition about what makes music timeless coupled with a visceral sense of the moment”  


Written by Monella