YouTuber 101: Smosh

Your go-to-guide for everything you need to know about Smosh also known as Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox.

When and where were they born?

Ian Andrew Hecox – November 30, 1987,
Sacramento County, California

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Daniel Anthony Padilla – September 16, 1987,
Sacramento County, California

What is their most popular video?

8 facts about Smosh

  1. They first met in the Sixth Grade while working on a science project together
  2. Anthony Has Agoraphobia, the fear of certain stressful spaces.
  3. This Is What Their Profiles On Looked Like In 2003:

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Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 15.33.48

  1. Many sources say their first ever video was- Anthony and Ian Lip Syncing the Pokemon Theme Song.
  2. Smosh was The Most subscribed YouTube channel 3 Times
  3. What else do I need to know about them?
  4. They have 19 channels in total!
  5. Ian was an emotional kid and suffered from ADHD.

What else do I need to know about YouTubers?

Padilla began posting flash animations on Newgrounds in 2003, under the name Smosh. He was later joined by his friend Ian Hecox. Soon afterward, they began to post videos on YouTube in the autumn of 2005 and became one of the most popular channels on that site. As of October 2016, their channel has more than 22 million subscribers and 5.9 billion video views.

What are their social media links?

Twitter: Smosh, Ian Hecox – SmoshIan, Anthony Padilla – anthonypadilla
Facebook: Smosh
YouTube: Smosh
Snapchat: Anthony’s snapchat : anth0nypadilla, Ian’s snapchat : ianhecoxsnaps

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