YouTuber 101: Team Edge

Here’s your YouTuber 101 scoop on Team Edge, YouTube’s newest challenge kings!

Who are the members of Team Edge?


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YouTuber 101: Team Edge 1

J-Fred (or Joey, whichever you prefer)

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What are their birthdays?

Matthias – September 20th, 1988

Bryan – June 23rd, 1986

J-Fred – October 16th, 1991

What is their most popular video?

The “Water Bottle Flip Challenge,” click the picture below to watch!

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What else should I know about them?

The Team Edge channel launched on September 28th, 2015 (happy belated first birthday!) with their “7 Second Challenge” video. The channel primarily focuses on creating videos based around challenges and they post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They can range anywhere from board game challenges to taste-testing challenges to outdoor challenges. They also do random and funny challenges, such as the “Backwards Action Challenge” and the “Small Billiards Challenge.” With their challenges, they have the “Wheel of Misfortune,” which serves as the source of punishment when losing a challenge. You lose, you spin, or if you spin the wheel accidentally during a video, you also spin.

Each season, they have the Edge Games, which is an internal competition between Matthias, J-Fred and Bryan. Whoever wins that video’s challenge earns a point towards the Edge Games. The first Edge Games took place in San Diego and Matthias was declared the winner.

J-Fred mentioned that the channel was originally Bryan’s idea. They thought about how challenge videos do well on YouTube and decided to make a channel solely based around challenges. And thus, a Team Edge baby was born.

The TE trio is actually a band of brothers. Matthias and J-Fred are brothers biologically, and Bryan is married to their older sister, Sarah, making him their brother-in-law.

In addition to the main Team Edge channel, you can visit the guys over on the newly-launched Hi-5 Universe channel, which is more of a behind-the-scenes look at all of their antics and fun in their new office space.

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Where can I find them on social media?

Team Edge – YouTube, PatreonTwitter, Instagram, Merchandise

Matthias – Main Channel, Vlog Channel Twitter, Instagram

J-Fred – Main Channel, Twitter, Instagram

Bryan – Main Channel, Twitter, Instagram

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