YouTuber of the Week: GentleWhispering

GentleWhispering is the CelebMix YouTuber of the Week!

A few weeks ago you may have seen us writing about ‘ASMRrequests’ as our YouTuber of the week, now we’re back with another ASMRtist from the YouTube world!

Who is GentleWhispering?

GentleWhispering, also known as Maria, is a Russian born YouTuber living in America who has over 837,000 subscribers, 276 videos and 272,498,387 views on all her content. Her channel has been live since 24th February 2011 and her first video was uploaded 3rd June 2011.

GentleWhispering has done various videos on her channel ranging from ‘roleplaying’ to ‘trigger’ videos. All the videos on GentleWhispering’s channel are intended for relaxation and resting purposes. We must admit they have helped clear the mind and put us at ease over the back to work and school period. Life can get a little busy and Maria has uploaded some wonderful content to help us keep our cool.

Why should you watch GentleWhispering’s videos?

ASMR, admittedly, is a little weird. It’s a lot of close personal attention through a camera and that can make many people feel uncomfortable. That said, Maria’s calm demeanor and smiling face really puts the viewer at ease. We’ve watched her videos a million times over (ok, maybe not that much) but we can confirm we’ve felt a little brighter and slept a little better with help from Maria.

There’s not much scientific research behind the ASMR phenomenon but researchers have been looking into it, there are a lot of people who claim it helps them sleep – us included – so we’re hoping science can help us out one again and answer just how and why ASMR works so well.

Maria’s content has progressed incredibly well since her first video upload. A lot of time and effort is put into making her subscribers feel relaxed and at ease. The effort is really appreciated and we can see just how hard Maria is working.

An entire album of Maria’s content is also available iTunes. It might just be the audio but it’s a great spoken word chill out album.

Scrolling through various videos on Maria’s channel, you can see how much her fans and subscribers appreciate her work:


Top 5 GentleWhispering videos you should check out:

1: Simple Pleasures, ASMR Soft Spoken Personal Attention 

2: What is ASMR?

3: ASMR Aviation Sleep Destination

4: Super Gentle Man Suit Fitting – ASMR / Ear-to-Ear / Fabric Sounds / Ironing

5: Get Ready with Me – Applying Make Up, Soft Spoken

Maria also has a vlog page which is full of our YouTuber of the Week’s daily life, travels and a few bloopers from her ASMR channel. Her vlog channel is called xCreativeTouchx but she goes by Sassy Masha Vlogs. You should definitely check her vlogging channel out.

Congratulations Maria, owner of GentleWhispering you win the CelebMix YouTuber of the Week crown!

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Header photo credit: Instagram – @Maria.GentleWhispering

Written by CelebMix