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YouTuber of the Week: Ashley Ippolito

It’s that time again where we celebrate our favourite internet creators and crown one of them as CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week. Last time, we gave the title to the fabulous Saffron Barker. Now, it’s time to crown the hilarious fangirling queen that is Ashley Ippolito.

Who is Ashley Ippolito?

Ashley is a 21 year old American YouTuber. She joined the platform on 5 December 2011 but only started posting videos in 2014. Since then, her Reacts By Ash channel has garnered over 130,000 subscribers, with her videos racking up 9.6 million views.

Initially, Ashley’s channel featured a mix of content, but as her reactions grew in popularity she decided to dedicate her main channel to reacting to various songs and videos, and set up a second channel specifically for additional content.

Why should you watch Ashley Ippolito’s videos?

If you’re a fangirl or fanboy for any artist then you’ll definitely resonate with Ashley’s videos. Self-dubbed as the Honorary Queen of Fandoms, she posts reaction videos to songs, videos and albums by her favourite artists as well as suggestions from her viewers. Her reactions are absolutely hilarious and she pretty much always nails what we’re thinking. She’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind and that’s one of the reasons why we love her videos so much.

On her second channel, you can expect to see skits, rants, storytimes and general comedy videos. Whilst Ashley is best known for her crazy reactions, her second channel is full of just as hilarious content which you should be watching right now.

Five of Ashley Ippolito’s must-watch reaction videos from Reacts By Ash


This was the first video of Ashley’s that we ever watched and she’s been a favourite of ours ever since. We totally relate with all of her reactions in this video, from the aesthetically pleasing looks to the fact that Queen Dua is the ultimate snack.

2. I F#%K With This 5H

Any of Ashley’s Fifth Harmony videos are gold but this one is up there as a favourite of ours. We were just as shook as Ashley when Fifth Harmony’s music video for ‘Angel’ dropped and she captures our thoughts perfectly.


This video is worth a watch for Ashley’s reaction to ‘Pink’ alone! We love Julia so it’s great to see Ashley’s reaction to the whole EP, but everything about ‘Pink’ is just life.


Wigs are snatched as Ashley reacts to Camila Cabello’s latest music video for ‘Never Be The Same’. Camila is serving some looks and just like us, Ashley cannot cope.


Similar to Fifth Harmony, Ashley has reacted to a lot of Little Mix’s videos over the years. It’s hard to pick a favourite but this one stands out for Ashley’s hilarious reaction to Jesy’s boob jiggle.

Three of Ashley Ippolito’s must-watch videos from her second channel

1. A Rant: Why Are Younger Kids Having Better Glow-Ups Than Me?

Back when we were teens, we had to make do with cheap and nasty make up products but now kids these days are already looking better than we do. Where’s the glow up?! If you’re 18+ then you will relate to this video.

2. Drawing Celebrities I’ve Never Seen Before

In this challenge video, Ashley tries to draw some celebrities that she’s never seen or heard of before…good luck with that!

3. Storytime: What Happened To My Car

Oh Ashley! This storytime is so random but watch to find out about the time her dog managed to get locked in her car and the chaos that followed.

Congratulations Ashley for being our YouTuber of the Week. Keep entertaining us with your hysterically funny reactions and comedy videos!

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Written by Katrina Rees

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