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YouTuber of the Week: Hannah Witton

Welcome to another edition of YouTuber of the Week! Last week we featured the fabulous Tom Fletcher. Today’s YouTuber of the Week is the lovely Hannah Witton!

Who Is Hannah Witton?

Hannah is a London-based vlogger whose channel centers around sex and relationships. She also discusses things like mental health and fun random topics. Her YouTube career began way back in 2011. Since then, Hannah has amassed more than 300,000 subscribers.

In addition to making videos, Hannah also helps run the Banging Book Club. This is a podcast with Lucy Moon and Leena Norms where the three women read books about gender and sex and discuss them in-depth. Hannah also has her own radio show on Fubar Radio. On it, Hannah and a special guest discuss life in general, play some hilarious sex-related games, and give Drunk Advice live.

Hannah also released her first book, Doing It, on April 6. Like her channel, the book focuses on sex and relationships. She explores how to do it the way you want to do it, when you want do it.

Why You Should Watch Her Videos

Hannah’s upbeat and exuberant personality is contagious. It’s practically impossible to finish one of her videos without smiling or laughing. Her ability to keep it real also makes her videos relatable.

Additionally, Hannah knows what she’s talking about. You can always learn something interesting from one of her videos, even if it’s a silly one. Even if it’s a video with one of her friends, the content is always top-notch with top bants.

From educational to hilarious, everyone is bound to find something they like on Hannah’s channel.

5 of Hannah’s Must-Watch Videos

1. Why I’m Coming Off the Pill

Hannah’s series “The Hormone Diaries” is equal parts hilarious, relatable, and educational. In this first episode, she explains why she decided to come off the pill. The subsequent episodes cover topics from period sex to menstrual cups.

2. Drunk Advice with Rose and Rosie

Drunk Advice is another series which is very popular on Hannah’s channel. In this video, Hannah hangs with Rose and Rosie, and they attempt to give people somewhat helpful advice.

3. The Truth About Being Single

In this video, Hannah spills the beans on the reality of being single.

4. What I Wish I Was Taught About Sexual Health

Hannah gets real about the gaps in sex ed. She discusses some of the things she wish was part of the standard conversation about sex.

5. How To Deal With Your Sad Anxious Friend

In this collaboration, Hannah chats with Ash Hardell about mental health, and how to support your depressed or anxious friend.

Be sure to subscribe to Hannah’s channel if you want to see more of her!

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