YouTuber of the Week: Jaclyn Hill

This week, we are honouring the beautiful Jaclyn Hill as our CelebMix YouTuber of the Week!

Jaclyn is a professional makeup artist who started her YouTube channel in 2010 with an array of make up tutorials, reviews and other fun chatty videos that give an audience an insight into her true, bubbly personality. With her army of 3.4+ million subscribers, Jaclyn is one of the most popular beauty stars on the video sharing platform and her strong viewer base has helped her excel in the make up universe.

Due to her obvious passion for make up, she has been given incredible opportunities which have allowed her to collaborate with huge brands such as BECCA and Morphe Brushes where she helped create products, with the most popular likely being her Champagne Pop highlight collaboration with BECCA.

Why you should watch Jaclyn Hill

We can guarantee that you are certainly missing out if you are a lover of all things beauty and don’t watch Jaclyn’s videos. Not only does she focus on beauty, she often touches on much more personal topics regarding her experiences with anxiety and other stories about her life which explain why she is the person she is today. She makes an effort to interact with her viewers with her constant updates on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat and honestly — when her husband Jon makes an appearance in her videos, our hearts just melt at how adorable they are.

5 Jaclyn Hill videos you need to watch

Husband Does My Makeup Tag

Nothing is funnier than watching someone with little make up knowledge trying to make their partner look decent despite the fact they have no idea what they are doing! In this video, we see husband Jon attempting to do a full face of make up on his wife.. We think you know how this is going to end without us having to warn you..

How To Contour and How To Cream Highlight & Contour

Right guys and gals, we know for sure that no one picked up a brush and was suddenly able to contour like a pro. If you say you did, we know you’re lying. That’s where these two videos come in.. Both of these are very informative and they aim to help you achieve that perfectly contoured look that has become one of the biggest makeup trends in recent times.

Beauty Room Tour / Makeup Collection

If watching make up collection videos isn’t your guilty pleasure then you honestly can not be human. It is often the most highly requested video on the channel of a beauty guru as viewers are desperate to see the wide array of make up products that they possess. Honestly, Jaclyn’s room and collection is our goal in life and one day we aspire to have a whole room in our home dedicated to make up.

The Ride Or Die Makeup Tag

All of Jaclyn’s favourite products in one place, what could be better? Not only are these her favourites, but they are the ones she swears by so there is surely no doubt that every single one of these products are fabulous. If you’re ever stuck on what foundation or concealer to buy, we’re sure that watching this tag will help you find some of the best ones that money can buy!

That’s all for this YouTuber of the Week! Don’t forget to tweet us your favourite things about Jaclyn Hill over on Twitter at @CelebMix and keep an eye out to see who will take the crown next week!

Written by CelebMix