YouTuber of the Week: NikkieTutorials

Beauty channels have been running the YouTube community lately and this week we are honoring the beauty queen herself, NikkieTutorials!

Nikkie is a professional makeup artist from the Netherlands who started her YouTube Channel back in 2008 with a mix of tutorials, reviews, and other fun tag videos that highlight her talent and fun personality. Nikkie is known for truly going outside the box with her makeup looks and wowing her audience with her creativity. Her passion has earned her an army of 5.4M+ subscribers, making her one of the most well known beauty gurus on YouTube.  She even snagged a collaboration with Too Faced Cosmetics, creating her very own ‘The Power of Makeup’ palette.

Why You Should Watch NikkieTutorials

If you are a lover of makeup, you are seriously missing out if you are not subscribed to Nikkie’s channel. Nikkie has a video for every type of makeup lover out there. She has tutorials for subtle, everyday, and makeup for those not quite adventurous when it comes to makeup. She also has tutorials for high glam looks for those wanting to try something new or just want to see how it’s done. Nikkie is also very current on all the new releases of makeup and is very true and honest with her viewers on her opinions of products. Another reason to love NikkieTutorials is that she reminds her viewers that makeup does not define your beauty and that anyone is beautiful with or without it. Nikkie helped influence the #thepowerofmakeup challenge where people do only half their face of makeup to make a statement that yes, makeup does make a dramatic change, but your own skin is just as beautiful.


5 NikkieTutorials Videos You Need to Watch

The Power of MAKEUP!

As we said above, Nikkie’s most viral video is her The Power of Makeup video. Nikkie makes a statement about the fact that lately, it has been seen as a “crime” to wear makeup and that whenever she doesn’t wear makeup, people are so shocked that she looks so different. So here she shows the power that makeup actually has.


How To Contour & Highlight

Let’s face it, nobody starts out as a highlight and contour pro. The technique of highlight and contouring is such a crucial part of stepping up your makeup game and Nikkie goes into full detail on how to achieve that perfectly sculpted look.

Full Face Using Only Highlighters Challenge

It takes some serious skill to do a full face of makeup with only one type of makeup product and still make it look good but Nikkie does just that with the full face using only highlighters challenge.

Strawberry Eye-Makeup Snapchat Filter Inspired Tutorial

Nikkie even has tutorials inspired by snapchat filters! That just shows how fun and creative she is as a makeup artist. Now there is no need for filters when you can just put the filter on your own face with the power of makeup.

Queen of the Dead Halloween Makeup Tutorial

With Halloween coming up this month, we thought we would throw in one of our favorite Halloween looks that Nikkie has done. Nikkie came up with this queen of the dead look that is to die for. It shows how artistic and talented she really is and that she can pull off any type of look.

Congrats Nikkie! You are this week’s CelebMix Youtuber of The Week!

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Written by CelebMix