YouTuber Of The Week: Sawyer Hartman

Here at CelebMix’s YouTuber of the Week, we put the spotlight on different online creators who we think deserve recognition for their efforts and success on YouTube. Last week the title went to Dan and Phil and, previously, Chester See, Alx James and Lilly Singh. This week we present to you, the talented and creative YouTube sensation: Sawyer Hartman.

Sawyer joined YouTube on November 28th 2010. His early videos were mostly spoofs and short comedy skits based on celebrities. In a recent video of his, Hartman explains the history of his channel saying he has “a tendency to go through phases.” During the late 2013-2014 era of his channel, Sawyer was making challenge videos and collaborations with his friends. He admits that his heart wasn’t really in them and that he gained so much attention from the videos so he just went with it. Sawyer’s channel following started to grow immensely at this time and he “wasn’t as smart, compassionate and really thankful” as he is today.

However, that all began to change in 2015 when the young star spent 6 months in Louisiana making a full length film entitled: The Parallax Theory. He did a lot of growing up during this time and even dyed his hair 4 different colours (including electric blue and bleached blonde). Whilst reminiscing over the previous year he says that he was just trying to get away from anything to do with being a ‘stereotypical’ YouTuber.

Why should you watch his videos?

Recently, Sawyer decided to vlog for 391 days. Despite not being a daily vlogger, he is already 104 days in and hasn’t missed a single video. During the past three months of videos we’ve seen Sawyer travel to China, San Francisco, Hawaii and the popular YouTube convention – Vidcon. Hartman’s lighthearted, quick-paced vlogging style is very similar to that of Casey Neistat and FunForLouis.

Although you see something new in every vlog, the typical agenda includes: breathtaking drone shots, some sort of office DIY, useful knowledge about lenses and their functions, frequent trips to Starbucks with his girlfriend (Angelique) and entertaining the dogs (Hitch and Ollie). Every video brings a new adventure for Sawyer and he says that the vlogging actually helps him get out of the house more.

With the average length of his videos being 10 minutes, they are fun and easy to keep up with. Sawyer’s captivating eye for filmmaking and go-with-the-flow outlook on life help bring something new to the monotonous concept of ‘daily vlogs.’ Just so you can get a better idea of his vlogging style, below we’ve listed our top three videos of Sawyer’s.

1. FOCUS – A Sawyer Hartman Short Film

If you’re not that into daily vlogs then this recent short film of his is the perfect video for you to watch. The 2 minute masterpiece features his friend, and fellow YouTuber, Vincent Cyr. The sharp focus of the lens paired with the captivating yet somewhat eerie voiceover makes up the post-apocalyptic tale. The video project, based on the book ‘Maximum Ride’ by James Patterson is brief, artistic and leaves you wanting more.

2. The Room of Infinite Stars

This is one of our personal favourite vlogs of his. Sawyer spends the whole day with his mum, exploring downtown Los Angeles. It features some sketchy but gorgeous skyscraper drone footage, getting lost on the way to a museum then getting free tickets for one of the best museums in LA. And to finish of the video, Sawyer concludes with a short Q&A. From the breathtaking ‘room of infinite stars’ in the museum to the lighthearted, humorous conversations with his mum, this makes for an entertaining and engaging video.

3. CHINA • Thru My Eyes Video

Sawyer has been making ‘Thru My Eyes’ videos for years and has perfected his style with them. The short, visually pleasing videos entail gorgeous footage of Earth’s natural wonders combined with fitting music. This particular instalment features incredible macro shots of wildlife and often overlooked details, contrasted with unbelieveable drone shots soaring over the Great Wall of China. This video encapsulates the atmosphere of a tourist’s day in Beijing, and Sawyer’s eye for filmmaking really brings the whole package together. One of our favourite videos by far.

We can’t wait to find out what happens in Sawyer’s upcoming vlogs and where he decides to travel next!

To check out the rest of Sawyer’s videos, visit his YouTube channel.

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Written by CelebMix