YouTuber of the Week: Shannon Taylor

Bienvenidos a CelebMix, where we introduce you to a new fun and creative YouTuber every week! Last week, we showed you the humorous vlogger Evan Edinger. This week the title of YouTuber of the Week belongs to the one and only, Shannon Taylor!

Who is Shannon Taylor?

Shannon Taylor, better know by her YouTube name ‘HeyThereImShannon’, is an energetic and highly passionate YouTuber from Illinois. Her videos are one of a kind and unique to her persona. She began her channel four years ago, in December of 2012 and was once a member of My Digital Escape, a YouTube collab channel. Shannon is well-known for her hair tutorials and creative videos. She recently began writing and releasing music, something she had wanted to do for a long time.

Why should you watch Shannon’s videos?

Shannon’s viewers love her straightforward, strong, confident and outgoing personality. If you’re the kind of person who likes to watch original and slightly crazy videos then you might just love Shannon’s videos. However, if you enjoy serious heartfelt story time videos then Shannon’s videos might also entertain you. Her videos can range from something as odd as eating blended McDonald’s to something as serious as a mental illness or a medical condition. Shannon’s content varies from silly to profound so no matter what you’re into you can enjoy it.

To prove our point, here are five of Shannon’s must-watch videos, we’re sure you’ll love!


Why ignore hate comments when you can read them aloud on camera while inhaling helium? This video is just one of many odd and unique videos that describe Shannon fairly well.

2. I Dated A Nazi.

Shannon Taylor’s storytime videos are by far some of the most interesting content on her channel. She tends to end up in some of the weirdest situations, and of course, the people of the internet are always entertained by this sort of stories. In this video, Shannon talks about how she ended up on a date with Hitler’s #1 fan.


Shannon is a queen when it comes to strange tags and challenges. In this video, Shannon combines a makeup tutorial with a popular tag, the ‘boyfriend does my voiceover’ tag. Except, she doesn’t have a boyfriend and invites her ex-boyfriend, Tyler Hagen, to do her voiceover instead.

4. My Sexuality

As previously stated, not all of Shannon’s videos are strange or crazy. She makes serious videos as well. In this video, Shannon talks about a more personal topic, her sexuality and what it means to her.

5. Dealing With Life’s Shit

On her channel, Shannon has a playlist titled ‘ADVICE’ that contains videos with advice on how to live life your life and be happier. In this video, she gives tips on how to deal with… poop life puts in your way.

Congratulations to Shannon Taylor on being named this week’s YouTuber of the Week! Thanks for being so entertaining, outspoken, and genuine. We appreciate your random, energetic, and sincere videos!

Don’t forget to subscribe to HeyThereImShannon and listen to her new single here! Make sure to check back next week to see who our YouTuber the Week will be!

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Written by CelebMix