YouTuber of the Week: Evan Edinger

Welcome back to CelebMix YouTuber of the Week, a weekly feature in which we discuss one of our favourite content creators on the lovely platform of YouTube. Last week, we talked about GentleWhispering. Now, introducing the latest YouTuber of the Week: Evan Edinger!

Who is Evan Edinger?

Evan Edinger is an American YouTuber living in London, best known for his puns, chatty sit-down vlogs, Q&A’s, and collaboration videos. He uploads consistently on his main channel, every Sunday evening. He also has a second channel, Evan Edinger Travel, where he uploads videos documenting his adventures around the world. Evan also tells funny or awkward stories and frequently collaborates on fun videos with his YouTube friends. He used to live with good friend and fellow YouTuber Dodie Clark, before moving in with some other YouTube friends, Luke Cutforth and Connie Glynn, in 2016.

Why should you watch his videos?

One of the best things about Evan’s channel is the variety of videos he posts. He is extremely consistent about posting every Sunday, but you never quite know what you’re gonna get. He has series on the channel, like “British VS American” and “Ask Evan”, but even within those he always manages put a new twist on the concept. Evan also dabbles in music, having uploaded a few ukulele covers and some original songs as well.

One of Evan’s most popular series on his channel is called “British vs. American”. Since Evan has experience living in both Britain and America, he started a series to show the similarities and differences between the countries. He usually brings a friend or two along to discuss their experiences and opinions on the topic- which have ranged from sex-ed to driving to school assemblies. It’s fascinating to hear about the cultural differences between the two countries from a firsthand perspective, and especially with Evan’s experience living in both countries.

Of course, we love Evan for his puns, even the groan-worthy ones. He even has merchandise that incorporates them! Evan describes his Q&A series, “Ask Evan” as “the only series on YouTube where you ask legitimate questions and I answer with illegitimate puns”. If you can’t get enough, there’s an entire pun playlist to keep you entertained for hours. However, there’s much more to Evan than just puns.

Evan is also very genuine and open with his audience, and occasionally posts personal or emotional videos. He talked about being demisexual in this video, and opened up about his father passing away in this video. Discussing personal topics such as these helps viewers form a closer connection with him, as many of them can relate to those subjects on a deeper level.

The consistent yet fresh content, as well as the high quality of his videos, shows just how much Evan cares about what he does on YouTube. And honestly; effort, thought, and genuinely caring about your videos and those who watch them are the qualities that make a great YouTuber.

In case you need any more convincing to check out Evan’s channel, we picked 5 of his must-watch videos for you to check out. He has also conveniently made a playlist on his channel called “Evan for Beginners”, which is well worth a watch!

1. British Slang, Awkward Stories & Puns

This video, or pretty much any one in the Ask Evan series, would be an example of a classic Evan Edinger YouTube video. It’s more than just a Q&A, because these types of videos really allow his personality to shine through. It’s faced-paced, well edited, and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. As you can expect, there are also plenty of puns.

2. Home

In one of his more serious videos, Evan talks about what he was going through in a transitional period in his life. He felt like he had no stability without a job, girlfriend, and being in between homes. He discusses how he wants change, but is afraid of it at the same time. It’s a powerful video, one with a message that anyone could find some meaning in. It’s also very well shot and edited together smoothly.

3. Who’s Your YouTube Valentine 2016

Since Valentine’s Day just passed last week, we thought we’d include this massive project that Evan took on last Valentine’s Day. He basically created an interactive YouTuber dating simulation, where the viewer is led to a special video made by their perfect YouTuber Valentine based on the answers they choose. Featuring videos from over 40 YouTubers, the collaboration took an insane amount of planning and coordinating on Evan’s part. Watch the video and let us know who your YouTube Valentine is- we’re curious!

4. Food! British VS American

As an example of Evan’s British VS American series, we chose this video he made with his friends Dodie Clark and Savannah Brown. Dodie is British, while Evan and Savannah are both Americans currently living in Britain. The three share their opinions on which country has the better food from thier personal experiences. They discuss everything from profiteroles to marshmallow fluff, and Evan finally learns what British squash is! It’s quite interesting because no matter where you’re from, you’re bound to learn something new about the food in either of these countries through this video.

5. How to Pass Math Exams

In one of Evan’s most educational videos, he uses his degree in mathematics to give his audience some practical tips on how to pass math exams. He talks about useful things you can do and habits to develop in the weeks before an exam, the day before an exam, and during an exam. Having taken lots of math courses throughout his years of schooling, and ranking near the top of the class, he’s a reliable source for tips on how to ace your next math exam!

Have we convinced you to start watching Evan yet? If so, you can subscribe to his main channel and travel channel. Or, follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

Thank you Evan, for keeping us entertained every Sunday with your wide variety of videos, terrible puns and dad jokes, and of course, your contagious laugh. We know you’ll go far!

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.