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Yuri’s Latest Track “Always Find You” Receives Alternative Versions

K-Pop goes full-out dance in the crossover that was released today. This latest collaboration features two people you certainly may have encountered along the way: first, there is Yuri, who is an integral part of the successful K-Pop girl group Girls’ Generation. Second, there is Raiden, the DJ who recently played the 2018 Winter Olympics Closing Ceremony in Pyeongchang.

Sounds big, right? Now make it even bigger.

The track that the two of them released, served as Yuri’s first solo endeavor in almost two years. The beauty is titled “Always Find You” and was released on no other label than Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings. The song itself is a very laidback record, mixing future house synths with the singer’s sweet vocals, and quickly managed to climb the charts. The two artists also performed the song during Raiden’s DJ set at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami on Friday.

As if this wasn’t already good enough, fans are now getting even more of Yuri’s latest track.

Only a couple of months after its debut, the track has been seriously remodeled with the just-released remix package. The EP contains four tracks and features interpretations by Protocol veterans Blinders, Sam Void, Maximals, as well as Sunstars. All of them put their individual spin on the hit track which means there is definitely something for everyone in this sweet mix.

Blinders, for instance, turned the track completely upside down and transforms it into a hard-hitting future house track, with a big drop and even bigger synths. Sam Void, on the other side, kept the main structure alive, while solely adding a stronger bassline and introducing a more intense beat drop into the mix. The Maximals’ remix serves as the perfect inbetweener: some texture was added by the additional bass and piano lines, the beat is now harder but also bouncier, and the track itself lets us reminisce (in a good way) a bit about the tropical house wave that swept us all away recently. Last but not least, there is the Sunstars remix which probably falls out of the line the most. Sunstars truly gave the song their own spin, let us tell you that. The verses almost sound like the original but don’t be fooled: once the chorus starts, nothing is the same. The Italian DJs flipped the track into an electro house wonderland by inserting a hard-cutting, choppy beat drop that will truly leave you breathless.

Listen to the remix package here if you want to:

The remixes of “Always Find You” arrive via Protocol Records and are available for download and streaming on the digital retailer of your choice.

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