Sacred Spiral

Yuval Ron and Úyanga Bold Team Up on ‘Sacred Spiral’

Yuval Ron recently released a new album, entitled Sacred Spiral, via Metta Mindfulness Music. The album features Úyanga Bold, who, along with Executive Producer Dr. Richard Gold, teamed up with Yuval Ron on what is a remarkable album.

Úyanga explains, “This music is truly stunning and healing. A breathtaking multi-colored and multi-dimensional journey through the sublime… May many souls benefit. The title ‘Sacred Spiral’ is powerfully compelling, evoking the mystery, intelligent design, and harmony of creation.”

Yuval Ron adds, “Beyond being transporting, cinematic, and meditative, this album is a breath-taking showcase of Úyanga’s amazing voice, her range of vocal expression, and spiritual depth. Her astounding vocal performances with so many colors and nuances and her ability to take my melodies to high and deep places are the wonders of this project. I am grateful to Dr. Richard Gold who initiated and supported this unique undertaking.”

Musicians appearing on Sacred Spiral include Pandit Nayan Ghosh (sitar), Chugge Khan (jaw harp), Andjru Werderitsch (didgeridoo), Shye Ben Tzur (bansuri flute), James Hood (Panart Hang), Andrew Carney (flugelhorn), Brien Engle (glass harp), Dennis Karmazyn (cello), and Kenneth Goff (gongs).

Comprising seven tracks, the album starts off with “Ethereal Voyage,” one of the standout tracks. Opening on evolving colors, which gradually intensify to potency, the tune then adds the ghostly tones of Úyanga’s voice, gliding on luminous textures.

Other entry points on the album, from a purely subjective viewpoint, encompass the preternatural washes of “Ethereal Voyage,” highlighted by Úyanga’s dreamlike tones juxtaposed against a delicious flugelhorn.

A gleaming, exotic sitar provides the intro to “Water of Forgiveness,” emanating rippling shimmers of sound. The chanting, melodic voice of Úyanga imbues the song with marvelous timbres.

Perhaps the best track on the album, “Darkness into Light” features the stunningly evocative and haunting cello of Dennis Karmazyn. Blending classical leitmotifs and Úyanga’s crème de la crème vocals, the song evokes a milieu from the Empyrean.

Sacred Spiral amalgamates brilliant sonic textures with the celestial voice and supreme lilting control of Úyanga Bold, creating a dazzling display of pure beauty.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.