Zac and Dylan Efron (Columbia Sportswear)

Zac And Dylan Efron Are “Tested Tough” In Their New Columbia Sportswear Series

Following the announcement that Zac and Dylan Efron had signed up to be the faces of Columbia Sportswear’s new content series, the siblings have undergone a multitude of tests to prove just how tough they actually are. Their first test was a hysterical interview with the sporting brand’s chairwoman, Gert Boyle, while their less terrifying second test has just been revealed in an exciting new video.

The new video followed the Efron brothers’ recent adventure to the Glacier National Park in Montana and from jumping head-first into the cold waters of Lake McDonald to hiking to the top of the Continental Divide, Zac and Dylan handled it all like complete pro’s. They fished, they trekked, they swam… And they looked incredible doing it.

But the aim of Zac and Dylan’s adventure wasn’t simply to show off their athletic abilities and gorgeous faces, it was to test out Columbia Sportswear’s newest range of outdoor gear. The brothers have been given the title of, “gear testers,” for the brand and it seems like they have been doing an amazing job so far.

Even the legend that is Gert Boyle agrees with us!

Although the 93-year-old chairwoman of the brand admits that she has never seen any of Zac’s movies, she only had good things to say following the initial announcement that he and his brother would be the latest famous faces to front Columbia Sportswear.

“There’s actually a big gap between his age and mine so I didn’t know terribly much about him until he started here but he and Dylan were absolutely the nicest and most charming guys. I’ll tell you how nice he was. We filmed this commercial and then he [Zac] sent me a letter thanking me. That’s class, huh? I just thought it was really nice because we’ve done commercials with a lot of people and I’ve never gotten anything from any of them saying thank you for hiring us,” Boyle explained.

Excuse us while we pause here for a second. Our hearts are sort of melting

Clearly, fans of the Efron brothers come in all ages but if you are not yet sold on just how perfect they are then allow this new video from Columbia Sportswear to totally sway you:

Now we don’t know about the gear they were meant to be testing out, but Zac and Dylan seem pretty, “tough,” to us and they most definitely get our stamp of approval!

If you want to check out what the guys were wearing and testing in their new series, then you can find all of the items on their Columbia Sportswear page right here.

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