10 Things We Learned From Zac Efron’s Recent Live Facebook Chat

A few months ago, it was confirmed that Zac Efron would become the newest face of Hugo Boss’ new fragrance Hugo Man. Since then, we have been teased with behind the scenes videos from Zac’s sexy campaign shoot and several swoon-worthy pictures of him promoting the famous brand, but his collaboration with Hugo Boss only really started to gain momentum over the week or so.

Over the weekend, Zac was in Dubai meeting fans and celebrating the new fragrance with them and then after taking a day off to ride camels in the desert (…we’ll leave the pictures at the end of this article), he travelled to Miami to do even more promotion for the brand.

Whilst in Miami, Zac took part in a live Facebook chat with his fans in honour of his #YourTimeIsNow campaign for Hugo Boss. We found it very interesting (…and insanely adorable), so we thought we would list the top ten things we learned from it.

#1: He likes comic books, especially ones with Spiderman in.

After speaking about how he believed the hashtag for Hugo Boss’ latest campaign, #YourTimeIsNow, would help him and ultimately the brand connect with more millennials, Zac was called an, “icon,” and surprisingly he seemed shocked at the thought. Then he said, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and we fell even more in love with him than we were before. Zac then clarified that the quote was from Spiderman and said that he has a lot of love for comic books.

#2: Despite what people might think, he doesn’t have that much confidence.

When he was asked where he gets his confidence from, Zac confessed that he was still figuring that part out. He reminded us once again that he still sees himself as a normal person, although we completely disagree with that statement as there is no way that someone with his talent and charm is real, and then he said that he still has to wake up and give himself a talking to every morning. Every day, he likes to change the way he views things. He says he tries to seize the day as much as possible and turn any fears or obstacles he might have into opportunities to learn.

#3: He overthinks things in the shower too!

We’re just going to leave you with that thought for a minute… Okay but seriously, Zac says that overthinking is a bad thing to do. He says that we need to live in the present moment instead of worrying about the past or fretting over the future. During the live chat, he reminded us to, “live in the moment and everything good will fall into place,” and who are we to argue with Zac Efron?

#4: The Goonies is one of his favourite movies.

Despite talking about Hugo Boss’ new fragrance in the live chat, Zac managed to slip in how much he loves The Goonies. He said, “I love The Goonies, I watch it all the time. It’s dang near perfect,” and we couldn’t agree more. If it’s good enough for him then it’s good enough for us!

#5: His Dad tricked him into going for his first audition.

Midway through his live chat, Zac was asked about when he took the first step to becoming the actor that we all know and love today. He recited a story where his Dad took him to Toys ‘R’ Us when he was eleven years old. Zac says he was excited at the thought of having a new toy but his excitement soon turned to sheer panic when his Dad confessed that he would actually be going into the building next door to Toys ‘R’ Us where auditions were being held for a play called Gypsy. Poor Zac said that when he found out what his Dad was really planning, he turned white with fear and even cried! But with the encouragement of his proud papa behind him, he pulled through and managed to score the part!

#6: Troy Bolton was a master at basketball but in real life, Zac Efron was always too short to play.

This utterly shocking revelation came after Zac was asked where his love for acting came from. Zac said that in high school, he was always too short to play basketball, baseball, or any other sport that he wanted to take part in. He said he went into acting on a bit of a whim but he was surprised at how much he actually loved it. It was during this time when he realised that he was destined to be an actor. Well, you will hear no arguments from us on that one!

#7: Tom Hanks is one of his favourite actors.

After offering his fans some advice for staying motivated,  Zac recalled a time when someone asked Tom Hanks why he was so good at improvisation and Tom replied, “rehearsal, rehearsal, rehearsal,” and because Zac thought that this was an absolutely genius sentiment, we do too. He then mentioned that Tom Hanks is one of his favourite actors and his smile echoed his thoughts. It wasn’t hard to see the admiration that Zac has for his fellow actor and it was at this point when we drifted off into a dream where the two of them worked together on a record-breaking blockbuster movie which outsold every other movie in the world… But then Zac did a really cute laugh and we were snapped back to reality. But how awesome would that movie be? Tom Hanks, if you’re reading this, get your people to contact Zac Efron’s people immediately!

#8: He has a lot of love for his family.

In the live chat, one of Zac’s fans asked him who his biggest influences were. Zac replied that his family are always his number one influences, closely followed by his grandparents. He then went on to fondly talk about his elderly Grandfather who at eighty-nine years old is still going on skiing trips, swimming every day, and going to every one of his Grandson’s movie premieres. Zac’s words about his loved ones back home were sweet, but the beaming smile on his face spoke absolute volumes.

#9: He wants to do more dramatic roles in the future.

Although Zac admits to loving his previous roles in comedy movies, he says that he is always looking for something new and that he hopes his next role will be a much more dramatic one than those he has played in the last couple of years. During the live chat, Zac told one of his fans that he gets bored easily and so he is always looking for his next challenge. “It’s time to pivot again, it’s time to switch it up and find a new challenge,” he said.

Honestly, the thought of him potentially starring in an action movie or something way more serious had our hearts doing cartwheels.

#10: He’s excited to turn thirty this year.

At the end of his live chat, Zac was asked about his upcoming birthday on which he will turn the big 3-0. He said that his twenties have been really good to him, but that he has a feeling his thirties are going to be even more fun. Zac said he was excited to turn thirty in October, but quite frankly we think he looked absolutely terrified at the thought.

Then Zac ended the chat with a simple quote which made us release a sound that we’re not even sure was human. “I just want to be me. I just want to live my life and have fun,” he said, and cue us turning into a puddle of mush.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can watch Zac’s entire live chat here.

Now as promised, here are the pictures of Zac Efron on a camel ride in Dubai.

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

Zac Efron

You’re welcome.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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