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ZAYN discusses ‘Let Me’ and sophomore album with Beats 1

On Thursday, ZAYN unveiled ‘Let Me’, taken from his forthcoming sophomore album. In addition to releasing the track, he also dropped the action-packed visual for the song.

To coincide with the release, ZAYN spoke with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 for Apple Music. During their chat, they discussed ‘Let Me’, the highly anticipated sophomore album, overcoming anxiety, touring and more.

Speaking about the new single ‘Let Me’, ZAYN revealed that he teamed up once more with writing and production duo MakeYouKnowLove. “I basically worked with a couple guys I worked with on “Pillow Talk”. They’re good friends of mine, I’ve known that for a couple years now and we’ve worked on a few records for this album,” he said. “And we kinda just came up with idea about seven or eight months ago. We really liked it. We’d been working on the production through out the year. Getting it to where it sounds now. Yeah we’re really happy with the way it sounds.”

ZAYN also revealed that his sophomore album is all wrapped up although everything’s a little hush hush for the time being. “It’s all very like under wraps at the minute. I’m trying to keep it as mysterious as possible but there’s a plan with the roll out.”

“It’s going to be different to I think anything anyone has done before, I don’t think has done it this way. So it’s going to be interesting to see how the audience react to this kind of release but wanted to try something different. And I think it’s all going to make sense in the end when the album finally drops.”

Whilst ZAYN isn’t ready to reveal any details just yet, he did confirm that Z2 has a name. “There is there is an album title, I’ve got the whole concept and everything done yeah”, he said.

ZAYN also spoke about his anxiety and confidence issues and how important it is to be honest about your situation and talk to others about it. “I feel like my fanbase are really understanding what kind of artist I am. They definitely given me the status. I wasn’t as prominent throughout the promo on the first record as I maybe would have like to have been. But I think they understood that that came from a confidence thing that I might have been going through at the time,” he said. “And this time I feel like I’m a bit more grown up. I feel like I’m a bit more confident and I feel like I want to be more at the forefront of things and show the fans that I do respect the fact that they understand who I am.”

“I think it’s very important to just say things like that given the job and the profession that I’m in. If you’re not a musician you’re just doing a job that people don’t necessarily you know deem it acceptable for you to have anxiety or confidence issues. I think it’s very important that we talk about it and express that. Regardless of any of those things you can still experience some things and I think the main thing is just to admit it and overcome it and speak about it is the main thing and once you do that it kind of diminishes its power.”

ZAYN also revealed that he has been working on putting a tour together by rehearsing in LA. “I’m working on that at the minute. I’m actually rehearsing and getting the show together. Like I said a few times I wanted this show to be something that people really go away from and go ‘you know what that was a magnificent piece of artistry as a whole thing’. Not just come and be like ‘oh yeah that was a great set of you know six maybe seven good songs’. I want to get to have a real body of music behind it so it gives a real shock to the people so I’m excited for that this time.

Check out ZAYN’s chat with Zane Lowe on Beats 1 on Apple Music here.

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