Zayn Shares Six ‘Like I Would’ Remixes

Earlier this month Zayn released the music video for his incredibly catchy track, ‘Like I Would.’ The song begins slowly but builds up as it nears the chorus and changes into a tempo that’ll leave you dancing.

On Thursday, six remixes of the song were uploaded to Zayn’s Vevo channel on YouTube. Just two weeks ago, he shared a White Panda remix of the track, which caught the attention of fans right away and left them wanting more.

Never one to disappoint, Zayn shared the five remixes and we’re here to give you a breakdown of each one.

Rytmeklubben Remix

This four-piece group is based in Norway, and we can’t get enough of their electronic remix of ‘Like I Would.’ The group, whose name can be translated to ‘rhythm club,’ included guitars in their take on the song. We’re especially impressed with what they did to the bridge of the song. Take a listen!

Oliver Nelson Remix

Nelson describes his genre of music as ‘Nu-Disco’ and there could not be a more accurate description of this remix. The Swedish music producer added funky riffs provided by electric guitars, and a bass line that definitely had some “Another One Bites the Dust” vibes. This one is sure to be a fan favorite.

Dave Audé Remix

You’ll love what this grammy-winning producer did to ‘Like I Would.’ This has house music written all over it, and it’s beautifully done. Audé does nothing that hides Zayn’s incredible vocals, but rather accentuates them masterfully.

Sharam Jey Remix

This Germany based DJ doesn’t rush into the first verse, rather choosing to set a foundation of a wicked intro that lasts two minutes. This remix gives off some 80’s vibes, and has us thinking of late nights and flashing lights in the club.

TroyBoi Remix

Self-proclaimed ‘Music Manipulation Specialist,’ TroyBoi, put his sexy spin on the song. He’s also remixed tracks featuring Waka Flocka, Jess Glynne, and Missy Elliot. This trap remix, including the punching drum beat can only be described as sexy! We can’t help but dance to this one.

Lenno Remix

At only 21 years of age, Lenno exudes talent beyond his years in this remix. It has a touch of everything; Nu-disco, house, and electronica are just some of the elements you can hear in his take on the tune. Having worked for many high-profile artists, we had high expectations for Lenno, and he did not disappoint!

It’s obvious that Zayn is just as obsessed with this song as the rest of the world is. Artists supporting other artists is always great to see, and this is a wonderful way of doing it.

Now that you’ve listened to all of them, which remix is your favorite? Talk to us on Twitter @CelebMixZayn and let us know!

Written by CelebMix