Zayn’s Month in Review

With a new month comes new plans and opportunities. There is always something in store for us but moving on to next step requires studying the previous one.

What went well should be remembered and celebrated and what didn’t go well should be used as a lesson. Today, we are looking into Zayn’s month and listing all he has achieved.

Zayn X Versus Collaboration

If you see Zayn’s Facebook page, every day you will come across a new piece from his Versus collection. Earlier this year, the “Still Got Time” hitmaker collaborated with legendary designer Donatella Versace to launch his own collection.The collection titled Zayn X Versus comprises designs for both men and women. The style carries Zayn’s attitude and reflects his personality.

Talking about the new collection, Versace said,

“When I see this collection, I see Zayn. His attitude, his energy, and his individuality are in every single piece. I am so proud of what we have achieved together.”

It seems people are liking Zayn’s style. Some new clothing has been released that singer does not mind showing off on this social media channels.

Vogue Cover

Recently, the singer garnered attention after he and Gigi Hadid appeared on the cover of Vogue. The magazine caught row after it interpreted Hadid’s look as gender fluid.

But it did not stop people from admiring the couple who tried their best to look good through their approachable style for a photo shoot. We have to admit, they did look awesome in the photos.

The magazine soon realized its mistake and offered an apology to its readers. The matter has been settled for now.

The singer also did an interview with Vogue where he talked about his life, fame, and music. Talking about his style and possessions, Zayn said that “they are little bits of me”. He expressed his admiration for late Prince because of his fearless attitude in his choices and that has been a major takeaway for him.

VMA Nomination

On 26th July, Zayn took to Facebook to announce that he and Taylor Swift have been nominated for Best Collaboration at VMAs.

The duo has been nominated for their hit single “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” from the movie “Fifty Shades Darker”. It will be interesting to see if Zayn wins the award. We wish them all the luck.

It has been quite a busy month for the singer but not much came from music’s end. Fans have been anticipating a new album but no one knows when Zayn will make the announcement.

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