Zedd & Grey team up again for new single “Adrenaline”

Zedd has dropped his instrumental track “Adrenaline” with Grey this week and it is definitely surging through our veins.

Totally intense and definitely heart-pulsing, you can see why Zedd & Grey titled this instrumental collaboration as “Adrenaline”.

This track progresses from authentic rhythm beats with defining grooves to a heart-racing energy that pulsates through our bodies, preparing us for the infectious club beats that transpire half-way through the song.

Turning into a choppy house track that is ready to be included in any DJ house mix; this song plans to smash the club dance floors around the world.

Listen to Zedd & Grey’s new collaboration, “Adrenaline” here:

Unfortunately, Zedd was unable to include Grey’s name in the SoundCloud release; however, he has given him a shoutout in the description saying:

HI GUYS!!! :)
Unfortunately I’m sign to a label that has a complicated contract with Soundcloud which makes it impossible for me to actually name this song “Zedd & Grey” – Adrenaline …. In the end of the day all those label / distributer / platform fights only hurt the artists…. Real bummer – HOWEVER I wanna make sure to give GREY a shout-out… This is a collaboration and not just my own song…. sooooo listen to it, enjoy it and give Grey a follow while you’re at it! :)

So follow his advice and give Grey a follow here.

The track is available to download and stream now.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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