Zootopia is Officially the Second Biggest Original Movie Ever

The surprisingly successful film Zootopia has officially entered historical records. Apparently, according to Forbes, Disney’s Zootopia is the second biggest original film of all time. In first place is Avatar created by James Cameron.

Zootopia is Officially the Second Biggest Original Movie Ever 1

The animated film is a talking animal comedy which actually turned out to be a strong metaphor for social issues such as race relations and social control which went down well with both the critics and the public.

It is now close to bypassing the $1 billion mark internationally. With it being $991 million so far, it is also the fourth largest animated film ever right behind Toy Story 3, Minions and Frozen.

Forbes classify an original movie as a project that is “not based on a television show, a comic book, a novel, or a stage play,” which is exactly why Zootopia is a completely new concept. And because of this, it has done incredibly well.

Apparently, the film has also earned itself a chance for a place in the race to be the Best Animated Feature in next year’s Oscars and perhaps also a Best Picture if it continues to break records like this!

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Written by Laura

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