Antonia Teams Up With Micke For “El Amor” Single And Music Video

We have a new Latin song from Global Records, titled “El Amor” – which translates to “Love” in English. This is sung by rising Columbian star Micke, who has enlisted the help of Antonia to feature on the track.

Micke has been working on his career and the release of his debut track for many years. At a young age, he went into acting, so you may recognise him from En los tacones de Eva or Reto de Mujer. In 2014, he starred alongside Benicio Del Toro and Josh Hutcherson in Escobar: Paradise Lost. He also appeared as a contestant on La Banda and The X Factor US.

He’s ecstatic that he’s finally been able to release his debut single, and it even features the talented Antonia, who he respects a lot. This isn’t the first Latin song released on Global Records, but it amplifies their repertoire as they expand into this genre of music; which is certainly very popular at the moment.

Watch Micke & Antonia’s Music Video For “El Amor” Here:

The song and the video releases a lot of summer tropical vibes. It reminds us a lot of Antonia’s single “Get Up And Dance“. It’s rhythmically groovy and totally sing-out-worthy if you know Spanish; although many of us don’t know the words to Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee’s song “Despacito”, yet we still try to sing along; this is the case with this track too.

Directed by Ionut Trandafir, composed by Micke and Marco & Seba – who also produced the track; “El Amor” is a polished song and music video. Antonia brings her usual performance vibes, showcasing sex appeal and controlled female vocals, as well as professional energy which we have seen a lot from her in the past.

As for Micke, who is playing a mechanic, he’s really getting into the spirit of the music video and the song. He clearly is passionate about making music and is keen to get involved in the music video. Unfortunately, towards the end, Antonia seems to be performing by herself, in front of the dance group; whilst Micke fully gets involved and dances away within the group. This separation is, to some degree, difficult to watch; however, it’s easy not to notice as the song takes over.

We’re obsessed with this collaboration. The visual brings the summer, whilst the song has a lot of deep house going on. We can imagine this song going viral, with many DJs mixing it up for their sets.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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