Alexandra Stan Has Teamed Up With Axel Muñiz For New Single “Siempre Tú”

Alexandra Stan has done it again, she has teamed up with another amazing artist and released another song in a different language. “Siempre Tú” by Axel Muñiz featuring Alexandra Stan is a Spanish-language song that is full of summer sunshine.

This is the first time we’ve heard Alexandra Stan sing a complete song in Spanish, although it’s not the first time that she hasn’t sung in English; she has previously featured on songs sung in Romanian, French, and Italian. These were in collaboration with Trumpa Zero, Dorian, Criss Blaziny, and White Sound on singles “Inima de gheata”, “Motive”, “Au gust zilele”, and “Ciao”.

That isn’t all though, she has included different languages in her own singles including “Vanilla Chocolat” that featured Connect-R and contained French lyrics, as well as “Ecoute” that featured Havana and also contained French lyrics.

It’s so nice to see that she has teamed up with Axel Muñiz, and their voices effortlessly compliment one another. He hails from Mexico and has been establishing his career under Warner Music Mexico since 2015. He is the son of Mexican actor, singer, comedian, and host, Jorge Muñiz; as well as the grandson of famous Latin American singer Marco Muñiz.

Watch The Lyric Video To Axel Muñiz’s “Siempre Tú” Featuring Alexandra Stan Here:

The Spanish-language song gives off lovely summer vibes that we can totally see DJs around the world remixing to no end. We’d love to hear this song in Ibiza as we party the day and the night away.

With the help of Google Translate, we know that the song’s title means “Always You”. The lyrics go on to sing about love and how deep it can get with someone, especially when you don’t expect it to happen. This would never work in English, and we would never want to hear anyone translate it into an English song, because it’s so rich, emotional, and lovely in Spanish.

The lyric video accompanies the song easily, showing off some very summery scenes that makes this song even cuter than it already is. Both artists flood the song with positive emotion, making it the perfect song to sing along to even when you don’t know a single word of Spanish.

Just Look At Axel Muñiz & Alexandra Stan’s Single Cover Artwork For “Siempre Tú”:

Axel Muñiz is looking off in the far distance whilst looking stylishly sexy, sitting on a simple chair with a backdrop of a street with tall buildings; for the single cover. It’s definitely an artwork that stands out. The high quality of the song, the lyric video and the single cover has got us excited for a music video. Just imagine how amazing it will be to see Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan singing this song together in a summer-filled visual.

“Siempre Tú” is available to download and stream right now. Don’t forget to watch the lyric video on repeat so you can learn all the words, just like we’re doing right now.

What do you make of this Axel Muñiz and Alexandra Stan’s collaboration? Is “Siempre Tú” your new favourite Spanish song? Tell us all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

Written by Jonathan Currinn

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