Third Single Out Of Three, Barei Releases “Worry, Worry” Featuring Porta

As promised, Barei has released her third single in a row today. This one is titled “Worry, Worry” and features Porta. The song follows on from previously released singles “Forget It” and “Wasn’t Me“. Much like the other two, a lyric video was released alongside the song.

Continuing to impress us with yet another musical direction; it’s clear that Barei has been experimenting with her sound, which we’re more than happy about since she has shared her progress with us. This is completely different from the other two singles but in a much-needed way to prove herself as an artist.

Watch The Lyric Video To Barei’s New Single “Worry, Worry” Featuring Porta Here:

The lyric video is animation drawings which is much less visual than the previous two; however, this allows focus on the words of the song – as well as the song itself. Barei and Porta’s faces can be seen, and their lips part during the lyrics of the song, in a comical way.

“Worry, Worry” is a relaxed but upbeat pop ballad. It’s rhythmically appealing which turns addictive as the song progresses. Towards the end, Porta comes in with a Spanish rap, which suits the beat perfectly; turning this song into a Spanglish song.

We’ve been loving these week-on-week releases by Barei, and “Worry, Worry” is definitely a great song to end on. We hope even more music is on the way, and hopefully a potential album. For now, we’ll just be playing “Wasn’t Me“, “Forget It“, and “Worry, Worry” interchangeably as we wait.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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