As Promised Barei Drops Another New Single Titled “Forget It”

Be prepared for Barei to send this song plunging into your heart. “Forget It” is a highly emotional song that hits home with every listener. This is Barei’s follow-up single to “Wasn’t Me“, which was released just last week. She also plans on releasing another new single next week, titled “Worry, Worry”, which features Porta.

This Spanish singer became internationally known when she represented her country at the Eurovision Song Contest 2016, with the song “Say Yay!”. The infectious track, unfortunately, didn’t do that well, gaining her 77 points, which placed her 22nd. Since then, she has continued to create music, and even released a single to raise awareness of bullying, titled “I Don’t Need To Be You“.

Now she’s releasing new music, exciting her fans all around the world; proving that she has what it takes to become an international star.

Watch Barei’s Latest Lyric Video For “Forget It” Here:

“Forget It” is much slower to that of “Wasn’t Me“, although very much a similar style. The production is perfect in every way, using vocal ad libs to completely define this song; this is a brilliant path that Barei is going down, totally bringing her own unique stamp to the music world.

Following on from her previous single, the song’s lyrics follow a similar theme of heartbreak and love lost. Barei is emotional throughout and really delves deep for every single word of this song. “Forget It” is one that we’ll never forget.

The lyric video is just as engaging as the song. Barei is shown throughout the visual, displaying lyrics in a variety of ways. Her facial expressions convey how much this song means to her. This visual is a brilliant way of displaying lyrics, and it may have been tedious to create, but the effect is beyond anything we could’ve imagined.

We cannot wait to hear “Worry, Worry” featuring Porta; bring on next week when that song completes her three singles, that she has released week on week.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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