Bronnie Releases Charity Single “Danced With The Devil”

We’ve been waiting for this single ever since we did an exclusive interview with Bronnie about the song. “Danced With The Devil” is a very personal track with all the profits of the single going to Buddy Project.

Of the song’s release, Bronnie told us: “I’d say it’s my deepest song yet, and I didn’t pull any punches with the lyrics. It’s a song about mental health issues and I didn’t shy away from singing from a perspective that most people are uncomfortable about – even thinking about. But I hope it achieves two things; that it resonates with people who are suffering from mental health issues and they seek help where they need it; but, also that those who are fortunate enough to not currently suffer from any serious mental health issues become more aware and look out for the signs with their family and friends.”

Buddy Project raise awareness of mental health and aim to prevent suicide. They pair people up as buddies to help people talk about what they’re going through. It’s a great non-profit movement, and it’s great to see Bronnie do her part. The song works perfectly with what Buddy Project stands for, with each lyric hitting our hearts. It was produced by Peter Gebbie.

Listen To Bronnie’s New Single “Danced With The Devil” Here:

This is one of those songs that really rips into your heart. Bronnie’s lyrics are completely on point allowing the listener to truly hear every single one and the story she is telling us. Her vocals has just the right edge to them that it’s beyond clear that she’s passionate about this song.

Every single lyric is meaningful in this song. Bronnie has managed to impress us once again, and the track is beyond anything we could’ve imagined. In our exclusive interview, she did reveal that a music video is on its way; we have no doubt that it’ll be just as good as this song.

“Danced With The Devil” is available to download and stream on all services, right now. All profits from the single will be donated to Buddy Project.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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