The Music Video For Brooklyn’s “Cupid” Has Been Released

Today, Brooklyn has released the official music video to “Cupid”, her recently released official debut single.

The song was originally released on 12 December 2016. She made her name on The Voice UK series four, but knocked her out during the knock-outs. She was identifiable from the start, because of her fresh sound, her rapping, and she worked for Amy Childs.

However, no sign of Amy Childs in this music video. It is based on true events and was directed by King .M.

Watch Brooklyn’s Music Video For “Cupid” here:

Watch as Brooklyn reminisces over her relationship with her on-screen boyfriend. It starts off all nice, with Brooklyn in a stylish purple building; of course, this was where she was going to live.

Then it takes a dramatic turn for the worse, as she reads a text from his lover, Lucy, saying that she “can’t wait to see” him tonight; who just happens to be one of her friends. She storms off, and we watch her take his things, smash up his PlayStation 3 and torch his clothes.

We watch as a week earlier, Lucy plays coy in the café where Brooklyn is working. She hides her phone and it suggests that she’s been messing around with her mate’s boyfriend for quite some time. Lucy doesn’t deserve friends, especially when she does that.

In the long six minutes 24 seconds we watch true life events unfold, intercut with a brilliant performance piece from Brooklyn, herself. She shows how much this song means to her and is totally fierce and emotional throughout. How dare not put her through to the live finals of The Voice UK, he totally got it wrong! Brooklyn is a star in the making.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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