DISCOVER: Brooklyn And Her Just-Released Debut Single “Cupid”

Brooklyn graced the UK TV screens a few years ago when she auditioned for The Voice UK Series Four. She’s still a memorable contestant, one we can’t quite get out of our heads, and one we can’t believe didn’t choose for the lives. She dropped her three-track single today, titled “Cupid”.

Full name Brooklyn Lammiman became popular as soon as she auditioned because she worked for Amy Childs in her salon. Support from Amy Childs, herself, appeared in videotapes before Brooklyn performed. Unfortunately, she left the competition during the knockout stage, along with many other favourites, at the time.

This hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She has been recording and releasing music for a while now, and it all started with “Hold Up”, which is still available to purchase and stream from her Bandcamp account.

Now she’s back with her official debut single, and we are loving it. “Cupid” isn’t your average single; it truly shows Brooklyn’s vocal capabilities and her infectious sound.

Her first project “Hold Up”, may have been a remake of Neneh Cherry’s “Buffalo Stance”, which was quite similar to Cher Lloyd’s remake titled “Playa Boi”; but “Cupid” is an original gem within the music industry, one that will stay in your head for the rest of the day. So, please forgive us, if you end up singing this in the next few hours; we certainly have been.

Listen to Brooklyn’s “Cupid” here:

The single was released yesterday, 12 December 2016. There are three different versions of the song, that each mix up the track, adding a spark and a bit of magic. What do you expect when the song is called “Cupid”?

The first track is known as “Cupid (Original R&B)”. This is the version you can listen to above. It sets the tone and shows the final version of the song that they chose to release officially. It easily exposes her beautiful vocals over a simple but haunting track. Emotions flood from Brooklyn’s voice, which totally excites us for her debut EP, out soon.

“Cupid (Pop)” is much more upbeat from the get go. It’s fierce and strong, with a pumped up backing track. The song flows much more easily and it’s one we could totally dance to. The final track is titled “Cupid (Grime)”, giving it quite the spin. Bringing the song to the early 00’s yet with a modern twist, Brooklyn has brought grime back in a major way, and this song works brilliantly.

There’s no doubt about how amazing this song is. Each version is totally different, but Brooklyn brings it with her vocals and her ability to power the song with emotion. She means these words throughout, and nails it completely.

With a debut EP in the works, according to her official website; we cannot wait to find out what she has in store for 2017. Regardless, it’s going to be massive.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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