Exclusive Premiere: Natalie Alexander Releases “Cruel”

Prepare to meet your new favorite country artist – Natalie Alexander has released her debut single, “Cruel”.

Natalie Alexander was constantly surrounded by music growing up, with brothers in a rock band and her mother being classically trained in vocals. Throughout the years, she’s grown as an artist and sees songwriting and performing as a way to tell her stories. Her lyrics cut straight to the point, paired perfectly with the guitar. Following this debut single, she has an EP coming up soon.

The powerful words from the heart are ones that describe a situation that listeners may have been in themselves, accompanying an upbeat tune. We can’t wait to hear what else she has in store!

I was really drawn to the message in “Cruel” and I love that it’s so relatable. I hope people can connect with it and know they’re not alone – we’ve all felt this! There’s a sense of strength in that.

You can find “Cruel” on Soundcloud and iTunes.

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Written by Katherine Jiang

Second-year university student, music lover and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.