The First Wonder Woman Trailer is Here

The first trailer for the upcoming Wonder Woman film has been released online following its debut at San Diego Comic Con.

The film, starring Gal Gadot as the titular Amazonian Warrior and Demigoddess, is scheduled for release on June 2, 2017, but fans have already had a chance to see Gadot’s portrayal of the character in action, in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, released earlier this year. Opinions of the film where mixed, but Wonder Woman was hailed by many as one of the only redeeming features in a film that was universally panned.

The film will follow Wonder Woman, real name Diana Prince, the Princess of the Amazonian’s and Daughter of Zeus, on her quest to help bring about the end of World War 1, after American Pilot Steve Trevor, played by Star Trek star Chris Pine, crash lands on the Island where she and her people live a solitary life, making him the very first man that she ever sees.

The trailer shows the Super-Heroine kicking ass on Horse Back and on foot, in her now iconic red and white outfit, and with her shield and sword in a hand.

We’re sure when Wonder Woman finally makes her big screen debut after 75 years, making her the very first female Superhero to have her own lead movie in the recent decade long trend of Comic Book Movies, the film will be yet further testament to how utterly untrue it is that films with female leads don’t sell; the trailer paints the picture of an action movie that is both kick-ass, comical and fantastically feminist, and will finally give on screen representation to generations of women who dreamed of being  superheroes, too.


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Written by CelebMix