Wonder Woman 1984 Is Better Than The First

Originally set for only theatres, Wonder Woman 1984 is the first of the DC movies to be released on HBO Max as well as theatres that are open. Currently, theatres in the states are closed for the most part so instead of waiting until every theatre is open, DC has decided to make it official and release their set movies on HBO Max, as well as theatres in 2021.

The first movie to be released was Wonder Woman 1984 and this definitely has more emotion in it compared to the first one. That might be because we are more attached to the characters this time or the ending spoke loudly to what we are feeling as 2020 nears its final week but however we relate there is more emotion in this sequel. 

There’s not as much action going on, there are plenty of fight scenes but they aren’t as wowing or spectacular but each fight has more meaning to it where as the first one was just to impress how much of a total badass Wonder Woman is. 

The movie is set in the 80’s and that whole aspect gives it a whole new life compared to the dark tone in the first one. There’s more hope, love, color in the sequel. This is what the DC franchise desperately needed. This whole movie is visually dazzling with kaleidoscope color and buoyant action sequences. 

Overall the movie is a fresh start to what hopefully brings DC its time to shine as Marvel, DC’s competitor enters a new phase of Disney+ shows. 

You can stream Wonder Woman 1984 now on HBO Max or catch it in select theatres. Let us know your thoughts on @CelebMix!

Written by Will Heffernan