Inna Teams Up With Marco & Seba For New Single “Show Me The Way”

Before Inna drops her Spanish song “Me Gusta”, which she exclusively performed live for Radio Zu; she has released an epic collaboration with Marco & Seba titled “Show Me The Way”. The song will be a part of her new album, which is expected to be released this summer.

Inna previously teased the release of the music video on her Instagram back in March, when the music video was filmed. She claimed that a new song and music video was on its way in collaboration with her favourite “guys in the world”.

Various other photos followed with the hashtag of the title of the song. Yet, it was still kept secret, and she even performed “Me Gusta” on Radio Zu; confusing her fans, who are called Club Rockers, as they waited to see which song would be released first; as speculation about who her favourite guys in the world were.

It took some time before we found out that the guys she was talking about were Marco & Seba. You may have never heard of them as a duo, but they were originally a part of a trio called Play & Win, who had a number of hits. They were the producers who launched many popular artists, including Inna. They are responsible for many of her hits including “Hot”, “Amazing”, “10 Minutes”, “Sun Is Up”, “Club Rocker (feat. Flo Rida)”, “INNdiA”, “Crazy Sexy Wild”, and so many more. The trio split a few years ago, but Marco & Seba have clearly decided to form this duo consisting of Marcel Botezan and Sebastian Barac.

The official music video to “Show Me The Way” was dropped yesterday, and we believe the single will be available to download and stream in a day or two. It will be released on the Global Records label.

Watch The Music Video To This Marco & Seba Collaboration With Inna Titled “Show Me The Way” Here:

The music video is a pure performance visual. Inna can be seen wearing three different outfits whilst she sings the chorus of the song. Marco & Seba provides the vocals for the verses, and no doubt produced the song. All three singers have their own singular scenes in the music video, where they perform on a stage in what looks like a ballroom.

Inna’s vocals are stunning throughout, with Marco & Seba providing future bass beats, making this one killer track. It’s going to be our club anthem of the year, and we reckon DJs all over the world will be including this song in their sets this summer.

The video is bright and colourful, with Inna shining throughout. Marco & Seba bring some energetic performance vibes, but Inna easily takes the spotlight throughout the visual.

The single artwork was also released yesterday; we’re just waiting for the single to be available to download and stream; but, Global Records usually releases singles a day or two after the music video has been dropped. So, we won’t have to wait too long.

What do you make of this Marco & Seba and Inna collaboration? Will “Show Me The Way” be the international hit we’ve been waiting for? Let us know all your thoughts on this song on Twitter @CelebMix.

(Featured Image source: Marco & Seba’s Instagram, Inna’s Instagram)

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