WATCH: Inna Perform Her New Song “Me Gusta” Live On Radio ZU

We’ve been waiting for Inna to sing a full-on Spanish song since she started singing in different languages. She’s included lines of different languages in some of her English songs, and she has released complete Romanian-language songs. Now she’s gearing up to release a Spanish-language song titled “Me Gusta”.

Watch Inna Perform “Me Gusta” For Radio ZU Here:

This song has been teased since the start of the year. From the various clips we have heard, we know that it is going to be a hit with her Spanish fans.

ZU TV went live when she was performing the song, and later released the full video of her performance on their website. Another video was later released on the fan page #WeGlobal.

Watch The Live Session Of Inna Performing “Me Gusta” Here:

The song is titled “Me Gusta” which means “I Like It” in English. It has a summer flavour to it, which was to be expected considering her most recent singles “Heaven“, “Say It With Your Body“, and “Gimme Gimme“. All of which will appear on her soon-to-be-released album.

The song is a perfect follow-up to “Gimme Gimme“. Both songs bring the summer sun, with an infectious club-like backing track. “Me Gusta” marks the singer’s first Spanish-language single; although, the Party Never Ends single “Caliente” is a mixture of Spanish and English. She has also sung in various different languages including French, and Arabic, as well as English, Romanian, and Spanish.

But Inna gave Radio ZU quite the treat, as “Me Gusta” wasn’t the only song she sang. Before revealing the unheard track, she sang her latest single “Gimme Gimme“, live for the show. To which they later posted on their YouTube channel.

Watch Inna Perform “Gimme Gimme” For Radio ZU Here:

As the months turn towards summer, we highly anticipate Inna’s new album. It will be her fifth studio album and will include “Heaven“, “Say It With Your Body“, and “Gimme Gimme“; we also presume “Me Gusta” will appear on the album too.

For anyone who has been keeping up to date with Inna, you will know that she’s been in the studio recording with Sak Noel. He recently remixed her song “Gimme Gimme“, which became available to download and stream yesterday, as part of a remix EP.

Not only that, but Inna is currently a coach on Vocea României Junior, which is going into its Final show. She’s one of three coaches, alongside Andra and Marius Moga. The final will take place on 9 April 2017. The three finalists are Andrei Ciurez (on Inna’s team), Karina Stefan (on Andra’s team), and Maia Malancus (on Marius Moga’s Team). Who do you want to win?

What do you make of “Me Gusta”? Will this be another hit for Inna? Let us know all your thoughts on Twitter @CelebMix.

(Featured photo taken from Inna’s “Gimme Gimme” live session for Radio ZU)

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