Little Mix Announce “Shout Out To My Ex” As Their Lead Single

The girls of Little Mix caught everyone off guard today. After teasing the news for so long, they have officially announced that the lead single for their upcoming fourth album is called “Shout Out To My Ex”! We will hear it in exactly one week, on Sunday, October 16th. The girls will perform it live on the X-Factor for the first time, and then it will be available for purchase afterwards. Here is the full video of Little Mix announcing the single:

They also unveiled the official cover art for the single, which features the girls wearing lovely violet outfits and sitting in front of a purple backdrop. They also changed the band’s social media layouts to match the single art.

Little Mix filmed the announcement video while in Spain, on a desert, which we can only assume is the setting for the “Shout Out To My Ex” music video! What else could this billboard mean?

Little Mix Announce "Shout Out To My Ex" As Their Lead Single 2

Jesy followed up the exciting announcement with a gorgeous picture of herself on set in Spain.

We’re so curious to see the direction the girls have taken with both the song and the music video. Is it the “happy heartbreak song” they were talking about a while back? Does it go down the R&B path, or is it more of a pop sound? All will be revealed next Sunday!

In a recent interview, Jade said:

“Shout Out to My Ex is a song that we’re sure loads of people can relate to. It’s all about moving on after a relationship ends to bigger and better things, and leaving the past where it should be.”


There have been rumours of the possible lyrics to “Shout Out To My Ex”, but obviously nothing has been confirmed yet. If they are in fact true, it will be the first explicit Little Mix song ever, and it will be throwing some serious shade!

Plus, the single isn’t the only thing we will be getting from the girls this month! On October 20th, just 4 days after Shout Out To My Ex is released, Little Mix’s second book, titled Our World, is released. On October 21st, they will attending the Stand Up to Cancer Programme. Then, on October 23rd, the girls are performing at the BBC Radio One Teen Awards. It will definitely be a busy month for the girls and for mixers!

So, the LM4 era has officially began! We’ve been waiting for months and months, gathering all the details and hints we could get our hands on, and now the first single is almost here.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.