Why You Need To Watch ‘The Get Down’ – An Inspiring Netflix Original

Among the many binge-worthy Netflix Original Series’ such as House of Cards, Sense8 and Stranger Things lies one of the latest series’, The Get Down. The show follows a group of teens constantly told to stick with tradition. Instead, they follow their passions. This leads to the unfolding of the rise of hip-hop music.


A great storyline undoubtedly sets a good tone for any series. It  takes viewers back in time to explore the culture of South Bronx in 1977. There are beautiful friendship bonds and romances throughout. Along with LGBTQ+ awareness and representation of people of colour (not to mention great music!) The Get Down has got it covered. Here are a few reasons why you need to watch this show:

The bomb music

With the central theme being the birth of hip-hop, the music is undoubtedly fantastic. The way the music progresses throughout shows that yes, music can unify and unite people. In every single episode, the music is incredible. With classic hits from The Jackson Five and Gloria Estefan, this clearly sets out to be a great soundtrack. Along with features from currents artists too. There are also unexpected appearances from hip-hop artists on the show from the 1970’s!

Incredible cast

Not only are there the familiar faces of Michel Gill, Jaden Smith and Giancarlo Esposito there are many new ones. The majority of the young actors portraying these great characters are just starting out. From their acting skills, it appears like they have been in the business for years. However, this is their first gig which also happens to be their big break, judging by the success of the show. Another season has been confirmed!

Important message

The show deals with serious issues such as gang violence, poverty, racism and more. Despite the difficulties these characters face, they never give up on their dreams. The characters find an escape from these issues through music. A truly inspiring series.

Why You Need To Watch 'The Get Down' - An Inspiring Netflix Original 3Why You Need To Watch 'The Get Down' - An Inspiring Netflix Original 2

Each character is played beautifully

Every character, including the side ones, have a purpose to the story.  It is refreshing to see an important character portrayed by a teenage boy who is passionate about the arts with sincerity.  The friendships also add to the greatness of the show. The group of girls truly care for one another and have a strong connection.


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Written by CelebMix