Nikki Ambers Says Goodbye To Stage Name Little Nikki And Drops New Song “Memory”

No longer known as Little Nikki, Nikki Ambers plunges even further into the music industry with this powerfully emotional track. “Memory” serves as the first song dropped by this female singer under the name Nikki Ambers. She’s had a great career to date under her previous name Little Nikki, but she’s no longer little, and her music has certainly grown with her.

As Little Nikki, she collaborated with Maxsta on track “Wanna Go”. She also featured on the DJ Fresh vs TC track “Make U Bounce”. Both tracks made it onto the UK Singles Chart, the former at number 48, and the latter at number 10.

She also had solo hits, such as “Little Nikki Says” which charted at number 53; the song was also used in an advertisement for She also charted with “Right Before My Eyes” at number 140, which was a collaboration with DJ S.K.T; it was a cover version of the Patti Day song which was made famous by garage group N’n’G.

For the past few years, she’s been ditching the name, Little Nikki. At first, she was known as Nikki Amber and featured on two releases, Ku De Ta’s “Just Be Good To Me” and Future King’s “The Lights On”. Now, she’s known as Nikki Ambers, and we’re so ready for new music. For those who are wondering, her real name is Nicole Shortland. She was also in a short-lived three-piece girl group called SoundGirl; which also included Isobel Beardshaw (now known as Izzy Bizu) and Olivia Redmond (now known as LIV).

She’s had quite the lengthy career to date, so it’s not a surprise that “Memory” is an unforgettable song and visual. Nikki Ambers is ready to make another impact on the music industry.

Watch Nikki Ambers’ Music Video For “Memory” Here:

Heartfelt throughout, Nikki Ambers fully brings it for this passionate visual and song. Taking a much more soulful approach compared to her previous releases; this extraordinary female singer knows exactly how to convey emotion in both a song and a music video. It’s clear she means every single word of this song.

In the description of the video, Nikki Ambers says: “‘Memory’ is a song written by me earlier this year. I’ve been writing all of my songs from the heart recently and that’s why I’m so happy to finally share it with you. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did creating!”.

We adore this song and music video. We cannot wait to see what Nikki Ambers releases next because we’re sure it’ll be pure gold, just like this one is.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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