PREMIERE | MIDLO Releases ‘Emotional,’ Feat. Renata Baiocco

Rising pop artist MIDLO premieres the lyric video for “Emotional,” featuring Renata Baicocco, on CelebMix. The song just now hit Spotify’s New Music Friday USA playlist – the biggest playlist in the world.

When he was 12-years-old, MIDLO, aka Dan Middleditch, began playing guitar and dreaming of performing in front of a packed auditorium, much like his musical influences Joe Cocker and Justin Bieber. As he developed his unique sound, MIDLO realized his music escaped pigeonholing because of its inimitable blend of sonic flavors.

MIDLO’s career as a performer kicked off on Norwegian Cruise Line, where he played the role of Elvis. When not on stage, he transformed his cabin on the ship into a recording studio, laying down tracks for a series of demos. During one of his performances of For The Record: The Brat Pack, a music executive on vacation sat in the audience. Impressed by what he heard, the exec sought out MIDLO.

Returning to Los Angeles, MIDLO hooked up with Mikey Wax and Jacob Lee. The threesome co-wrote and recorded an EP amalgamating tantalizing pop savors with soulful vocals. The result: MIDLO progressed from playing a rock star to becoming a rising star in his own right.

“Emotional” opens on soft gleaming guitars crowned by MIDLO’s velvety-textured voice flowing into an irresistible pop-flavored tune full of R&B and soul surfaces. When Baiocco’s silky sumptuous tones enter, the tune takes on sensuous quixotic sonority. As the two delicious voices harmonize, the lyrics glow with warm nuanced hues.

A plump bassline and tight percussive snaps provide an infectious rhythm. After the tasty a cappella harmonic shift, the music ramps up on a surging guitar, imbuing the tune with resonant muscle.

“Only you know / Only you know / What’s in my head / Don’t let it show / Don’t let it show / To all of our friends / Surrounded by many / Alone in this crowd / My heart’s beating faster / I can’t slow it down.” And then the dazzling chorus: “Sometimes I’m too emotional / But you keep my feelings in control.”

Gorgeously flavored, “Emotional” reflects cool washes of color, riding an enticing melody capped by two marvelous voices full of affecting relishes.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.