Relley C Releases Debut Single “Unruly”

She first graced our TV screens in 2013, where she was a contestant on The X Factor series 10; she got as far as the Judges Houses. Then, she returned in 2016, for the 13th series, managing to get to the Live Shows, this time; she placed tenth overall. Now she’s released her debut single, mixing R&B with soul to create this awesome song, titled “Unruly”.

The song has been available to pre-order on iTunes since 28 May 2017. Today sees the single officially released on the music platform, as well as on Spotify, Amazon Music, and various other music streaming/download sites.

Listen To Relley C’s Debut Single “Unruly” Here:

“Unruly” is a fierce lyrical track, which hears Relley C singing about being confident and independent. The track suggests that she is being true to herself and doing exactly what she wants to be doing with her life. She’s determined to make her dream a reality, and that is totally what this track is about; Relley C tells every listener to believe in themselves and be whoever they want to be, and never let anyone get in the way.

It’s a great inspirational track which encourages her fans to be themselves at all times, to be “Unruly”. Her vocals are strong throughout, accompanied with a slow but beaty backing track, that is sure to get us grooving along to the beat.

The day before the release of the single, Relley C dropped a promotional video. This video is a message from herself, talking about the message behind the track. She gives plenty of advice to all her listeners and viewers, encouraging them to be “Unruly”.

Watch Relley C’s Promotional Video For “Unruly” Here:

Relley C wrote this song with Lei Jennings and The 1990 Club. As debut singles go, Relley C has proven that she has a place within the music industry, and we can’t wait to see what she plans to release next.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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