Review: New Hope Club Debut EP ‘Welcome To The Club’

New Hope Club – made up of members Reece Bibby, George Smith and Blake Richardson – have released their debut EP, titled ‘Welcome To The Club.’ The EP features four original songs: ‘Fixed,’ ‘Water,’ ‘Friend Of A Friend’ and ‘Perfume.’

Fans of the band were quick to show their support for the EP, and the EP has gained a high chart position on the iTunes Pop Chart.

Here at CelebMix, we have reviewed ‘Welcome To The Club.’ Check out our review below!

1. ‘Fixed’

‘Fixed’ is a perfect song to kick off the EP. The track has a catchy and upbeat rhythm to it and the use of instruments throughout the track certainly doesn’t override hearing the boys’ individual vocal abilities. ‘Fixed’ provides a preview of what can be expected from the rest of the EP, and we love this track!

2. ‘Perfume’

A few months prior to the release of their EP, New Hope Club released a music video for ‘Perfume.’ You can check out the video below. This provided an opportunity for fans to anticipate what could be expected from the EP. ‘Perfume’ is again extremely catchy and the use of various instruments is evident throughout the track.

3. ‘Water’

‘Water’ is quite a contrasting sound to the first two tracks from the EP. However, this demonstrates the diversity and versatility of the band, and how they can have several different unique sounds while still sounding amazing. This track also showcases the band’s vocal capabilities – both individually and as a band.

4. ‘Friend Of A Friend’

‘Friend Of A Friend’ is extremely catchy, and the beat throughout makes it a song that you sing along to without thinking about it! The lyrics for the track are also extremely clever, and fit the track really well. We love this song, and just like the other tracks from the EP, we can’t wait to hear this performed live.

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Written by Rachel Dempster