Saint PHNX Reveal ‘King’ Snapchat Filter

saint phnx

We’re all fans of a good Snapchat filter whether it’s a doggy or face morphing filter. Now Glaswegian rock duo Saint PHNX have gotten in on the act by releasing their own filter inspired by single ‘King’.

Stars including Thirty Seconds To Mars, Calvin Harris and Chance The Rapper have all previously had their own filters but we love feeling like royalty with Saint PHNX’s. Giving you a chance to wear their crown whilst listening to King and find out more about the duo. King has received a rapturous response from fans and the industry alike surpassing 10 million streams. Check out the acoustic version of the track here.

Snapchat filters are rapidly becoming a new, unique and interactive way of promoting releases thanks to the wide audience reach and selfie opportunity they provide. Around for only 48 hours, the filter will disappear from the app come tomorrow so be sure to check it out now through Snapchat.

Have you checked out the filter yet? Tweet us @CelebMix and @SaintPHNX your selfies showing off your crown!

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Written by Nicola Craig

A history graduate with a love for music, travelling and adventures. I'm pretty much real life Rapunzel. If you like boybands we'll be the best of friends.