Track-By-Track Album Review: Milk & Sugar – 20 Years Of Milk & Sugar

To celebrate their 20 year anniversary, Milk & Sugar have released their brand new album. Titled 20 Years Of Milk & Sugar, the album sees 17 amazing tracks combined together. The duo didn’t want to just create a greatest hits album, therefore they’ve been working hard in the studio; the outcome is this album, that includes new productions of some songs, as well as brand new tracks.

The duo consists of Mike Kay and Steven Harding; Milk & Sugar was formed in 1997 and they’ve had an incredible career to date – one many DJs can only dream of. Their achievements include: performing alongside dance royalty Frankie Knuckles and David Morales; officially remixing tracks by Janet Jackson, Jamiroquai, and Ben Pearce, upon request; and, let’s not forget their awesome releases on prolific record labels including Enormous Tunes, Ministry of Sound, Positiva, and their own imprint.

Of this new album, Milk & Sugar said: “We didn´t want to simply release a best of album with all of our past singles and remixes. So we went to the studio and created new productions that sonically offer a more modern, electronic focused sound.”

This worked well for them, especially since creating in the studio lead them to release three brand new singles this year – all of which appear on this album. “Higher and Higher (Milk & Sugar Remix)”, “Music Is Moving”, and “Summertime” have all had success this year with thousands and thousands of streams on Spotify. We reckon, with the release of this album, the songs will go viral.

It’s time to listen to the album and see if it really is up to par with their previous tracks. We’re going to be looking at these tracks as if they’re the first time we’ve heard them, even the ones that are classic hits from Milk & Sugar so that we give a concise and informative review.

20 Years Of Milk & Sugar (Intro)

This intro certainly prepared us for the album. We know something amazing is on its way and if you aren’t ready for it, you might miss it. So calm everything down and focus intently on this amazing intro that builds and builds. This track alone lets us know we’re in for something special.


This is their latest single from the album and it really feels like a throwback to the 90’s club classics. It has that distinct 90’s vibe to it as well as its constant groovy rhythm. It contains some great upbeat instruments in the backing track to fully push the song into the current market. It’s a great track to start the album off.

My Lovin (with Barbara Tucker)

Switching this album up with an undeniably catchy house track; Milk & Sugar have truly gifted us with a hit track that deserves to be pulsing at every single club around the world. “My Lovin” was originally released in 2016 with Barbara Tucker’s amazing soulful vocals; now, just one year later, here it is again and we still love it. This is one of the duo’s most celebrated hits; this album would not be the same without it.

Let The Sun Shine (2017 Album Version)

This is one of two instant grat singles that has been released in promotion for this album. This was originally a club hit in 2003, 2009 and 2012, so of course, this was going to be included. It’s the fourth new version of the song and it is originally an Ibiza-inspired remake of The 5th Dimension’s 1969 hit “Let The Sunshine In”. It definitely has the summer sunshine pounding in the track, with the vocals on point in every way. Milk & Sugar proves their amazing ability to refresh tracks, really bringing a full-on 2017 house music twist that will surely be a hit in their DJ sets. We will definitely be letting the sunshine in.

Music Is Moving

Another of their latest singles, and it’s one of our favourites. “Music Is Moving” was released earlier in the year on a Remix EP, which also included a killer remix by Nora En Pure. This track keeps Milk & Sugar’s typical house style adding infectious grooves and a pulsating bassline. The vocals are soulful, taking us back to the 90’s club classics again, all the while keeping the backing track extremely current. It’s certainly an unforgettable track that really makes its mark on this album.

Heat (African Day) [feat. Nomfusi]

It’s time to switch up the heat with this track. It’s rhythmically beaty with a surprising light vocal from Nomfusi. It has an undeniable positive vibe to it that really takes the listener on a journey. We can totally see this going off on any dancefloor, as Milk & Sugar have really gone for it when it comes to the backing track, whilst the lyrics paint a story we completely enjoy. This one stands out on the album for all the right reasons, bringing something new to Milk & Sugar’s collection. It was originally released last year.

Bass (How Low Can You Go) [Milk & Sugar vs. Simon Harris]

“Bass (How Low Can You Go)” is rhythmically groovy, as we’ve come to expect from Milk & Sugar. The song is originally Simon Harris’, released in 1988 and was a huge international success. Seeing Milk & Sugar totally putting their style on the song really takes this to the clubs, in a 21st-century spin. There are some great and unforgettable surprises in this track, totally making it undeniably catchy.

House Dimension (feat. Ron Carroll)

This is the other track which was released as an instant grat single. Milk & Sugar stick to a similar style to the previous song. It has a Nora En Pure “Waves” vibe to the song. The lyrics are more like a monologue with Ron Carroll telling us what House Music is. It’s a great interval track that we’d love to hear during one of Milk & Sugar’s DJ sets, and we love that it’s been placed in the middle of this album. The backing track is perfect in every way. We agree with the song – “This is real house”. These sorts of tracks are becoming extremely popular in the house genre, allowing the listeners to follow the instructions of the singer; it’s a whole new ball game.

Where Do We Go (feat. Jo Hall)

Taking on a more symphonic trance vibe, this track certainly brings something new to the album as a whole. This really shows where Milk & Sugar are going in the future, progressing to a whole new level and managing to keep up with current EDM music. This is soulful in every way with Jo Hall impressing with her passionate, clear vocals.

Need You In My Life (feat. Roland Clark)

Another new track and it has a massively long intro that would be perfect to get us out of an interval track during the middle of a Milk & Sugar DJ set. This is a typical house song, one that isn’t all that memorable and one that fades into the background at any party. However, Roland Clark does bring it when it comes to the lyrics of the song, clearly meaning the words.

Higher & Higher

This song is another pure classic from Milk & Sugar that they’ve refreshed for 2017. It was the first single to be released from this album which isn’t a surprise because it is an anthem and a half. It still has that 00’s classic vibe to it, that really dominates itself on this album. If there’s one track you need to listen to, it’s this one.

Ready Or Not

Have you ever wondered what a house track would sound like if it was created to be put into a science-fiction film’s score? Well “Ready Or Not” is certainly that sort of song. It’s catchy to no end with an unexpected rhythm from Milk & Sugar. It is one of those tracks that you wish there was a visual to go with it so that you would have imagery to accompany you on this musical journey. This is certainly a defining track, with a male and female vocal, that totally brings the fire. Originally released in 2015, this is a track we’re going to treasure for the rest of eternity.

Canto del Pilón (feat. Maria Marquez)

This is their 2013 hit that managed to rack over five million YouTube views since its release. It has a real American Indian vibe to it. It’s not a surprise it has done so well, it is their most streamed song on Spotify, with over two million plays. It’s rhythmically catchy and has a chant-like beat to it. “Canto del Pilón” is one of those songs you wish will never end. Maria Marquez brings fire to the track with her vocals.

You and I (feat. Aquarian Dreams)

Another brand new track, and another long intro. This one almost becomes an instrumental track, which we would still totally adore; however, as the vocals kick in we realise how awesome this collaboration really is. More on the electronica side of house music, “You And I” has a droning sensual vibe that we will never be quite finished with. A state of euphoria for sure.

Needin U (with Barbara Tucker)

Originally released in 2014, this track takes us out our electronica state and brings us right back into a built-up house track with Barbara Tucker bringing the soul with her vocals. Influenced, once again, by the 90’s club classics, this is an undeniably catchy track. It has a modern spin to it that really reminds us of theme parks – especially the waltzers. It’s highly memorable and a track that we wish we would hear often.

Loving You (feat. Ghetto Bardot)

This is something new for Milk & Sugar. We’re not used to this relaxer track, but it actually really works. Teaming up with Ghetto Bardot on this “Loving You” track really emphasises both the duos’ amazing qualities. Ghetto Bardot consists of vocalist Barbara Alcindor and DJ Arnaud Berrabia. Barbara Alcindor’s vocals sound so sweet on this track. This is one we won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Has Your Man Got Soul (Chasing Kurt Album Remix)

The final track on the album and they’ve chosen one of their 2006 tracks that has been remixed by Chasing Kurt. It is pretty different to the original; making it current and defining in a relaxing kind of way. What a way to end this Milk & Sugar album!

As a whole, this album has got it all and really shows what the past 20 years have meant to Milk & Sugar. They continue to be a defining DJ duo in the world of house music, and they will not be stopped. We cannot wait to see what the future brings for Milk & Sugar; we’re hoping for another round of international chart hits, they surely deserve it.

“It’s been an amazing 20 years for us,” Milk & Sugar stated. “Even this year we’re still performing at places we’ve not been before, taking our music to new audiences. We are looking forward to seeing what the next 20 years holds for us!”

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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