The Weeknd Releases “Starboy” Tracklist

He’s gone from “Lonely Star” to Starboy.

How do you get the world excited for an upcoming album?

Just ask The Weeknd – he’s done an exceptional job of it in the time leading up to Starboy‘s release later this month. He first released the lead single, a collab with the futuristic duo Daft Punk, also named “Starboy”.

Audiences worldwide were hooked.

“False Alarm” was a dynamic surprise from The Weeknd’s usual sound, opting for a much more upbeat musical approach and defining the evolution of his work.

The Weeknd recently posted the album’s full tracklist on Twitter and the world is not ready. In addition to the songs we’ve already heard, we’re expecting some amazing collaborations with some of our favourite other artists on this album such as Kendrick Lamar.

Following the tracklist reveal, he released two more songs from the album: Daft Punk collab number two, “I Feel It Coming”, and “Party Monster” featuring Lana Del Rey. The two are at different ends of The Weeknd’s musical journey. “I Feel It Coming” is mellow, fresh, and sure to land a permanent place on our party playlists. “Party Monster” takes us back to the songs from Trilogy, a fan favourite released in 2012.

Are you excited for Starboy? Is there a collab you’re looking forward to? Let us know by tweeting us at @CelebMix!


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Written by Katherine Jiang

Music lover and pizza enthusiast from Toronto.